Saturday, February 21, 2015

Fairy Feathered Friends

We were about a 1/3 of the way through our play this morning when the background/music tracks didn't play through about 4 numbers (dancing and singing)! I wasn't on stage at this point, but I was amazed to see and hear how well they did without the music. It was awesome! I don't even know if the kids even noticed.

One of my fellow cast members gave me a book today to help me with auditioning. He was sweet and felt sorry for me being a little down about not making it to call-backs for Guys and Dolls.

It's nice to be surrounded by friends who are thinking of you and can make the best of a bad situation.

I guess that's part of why I am enjoying theater so much—the friendships.

I read 66 pages of the book that was lent to me and I think it might be helpful. I hope. Because now I am trying to decide if I have the guts to audition for another play.

At home today I met with someone who was getting everything set for Baby's permanent help and respite care. She made it as quick as possible since I only had 45 minutes before I was needing to get Brother to the meeting place to head out for their campout at the Sand Dunes.

I was so proud of him today. He was so happy to go and wasn't falling apart like usual.

I also feel so grateful to the leaders that are willing to be with him and keep him involved with his peers.

I was talking to my mom after I had dropped Brother off and we just got talking about fun things, funny things and old friends. My mom started talking about one friend in particular from her high school years and how this friend seemed to only be nice in certain situations.

She then said, "I guess he was just a fairy feathered friend."

I started to laugh and explained to her that the terms is 'fair-weathered friend."

We laughed for quite a while about that one.

Then it was time for dinner to be fixed and off the the night performance of the play.

I was excited for tonight because my sisters and their families and my parents all came to see me.

My mom even brought me flowers!

I felt really special.

I was excited to get my picture with them after the show:

Later on in the evening my mom sent me a pic she took on her phone from up in the balcony...

Pretty bad photo but I am the one with the pink butterfly wings...
I think my mom needs a new photo... I actually might look like a fairy feathered friend in this picture...
If you can't see my UPs for this day in my post, maybe you should read it again. (wink)

I must say, though, that if fair weathered friends are only there when things are easy then fairy feathered friends must be the ones by your side at all times, giving you this warm fuzzies!

Day 51 of 365 Days of Up

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