Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Math and Rollerskates

One of the things you learn about when you begin to understand Fragile X Syndrome is that some girls who are carriers and girls who have the full mutation have a hard time with math.

I've seen this in Sister. She does struggle a bit once you get into the double digit math and struggles mostly when you have division or subtraction. Those are a bit less concrete and are harder for her to grasp.

Well, she has been incredibly blessed to have a teacher who is not only a Doctor but worked at The M.I.N.D. Institute with Dr. Randi Hagerman, one of the lead and most well-known doctors on Fragile X Syndrome! How amazing is that?

Dr. H has been a great teacher for Sister and has even gotten her to push herself further than I thought she would. She came home with a stack of math worksheets last night and she was SO EXCITED to work on them and get her homework done. It was awesome to watch her do so well on these worksheets her teacher had sent home for her. She doesn't love math, but you wouldn't know it last night—it seemed as though it was her favorite subject.

Her teacher sent me a message informing my of Sister's overwhelming excitement about turning her homework in (she typically doesn't get homework). He said she was smiling so big and was so proud of herself.

Then I found out that the worksheets she was utilizing for math were created by her teacher Dr. H and his wife! I asked him where we could get them and he gave me this site to check out!

That's an absolute UP seeing Sister feeling good about doing Math.

The other UP that involved Sister was the next message her teacher sent me, "[Sister] just SCREAMED out, KENTUCKY!!! Abraham Lincoln used to live there!!!!! (And did the [Sister] run across the room happy jump). ... She also told me that she can't go on her mission to Texas or Pokelahoma because there are tornados!"

Ha! I love her! AND she wants to go on a mission... oh my word, how sweet is she!

Another UP was from from Baby was that she woke up dry this morning! I carried her to the toilet and (yes, I had to carry her, that's how things go around here most of the time) ... Ta Da!!! She peed! It's a slow-going process (been working on this for a year now) but, hey, I'll take what I can get!

Then the other UP of my day was going roller-skating with the church youth group! I felt like a kid again! It took a while for my legs to get used to the roller skates again, but they caught on and it was a great time! But the best part of rollerskating was watching Brother skate around with a HUGE smile on his face. He was in his element and he was being well taken care of by one of the young women who made sure to hold his hand and not let him fall the entire night!


I love looking for UPs!!!

One little down though, was that I didn't even get a picture with Brother rollerskating! Dang it!

I guess I was just so impressed that this almost 38 year old was up on skates and having a great time reliving my youth that I didn't forget my own picture!

Oh! Wait! I did get Brother! He is in the orange shirt behind me just above my head!
OK, not quite the best shot of him... but hey, at least it's something...

Day 42 of 365 Days of Up

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