Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Don't Worry. Daddy will fix it.

I grew up on a 500 acre dairy farm.

My dad spent many hours working hard in the fields and working hard in the barn with the cows.

He was quite a handy man.

He had to be considering all the last minute, on the spot fixes he had to make while out working. He got to be quite innovative.

Growing up all us kids knew that he could fix anything.

It may have been with duct tape and some wire, but by dang, it was fixed and we could use it again.

I was always amazed at what my dad could do for us. There wasn't a bike, toy or tool he couldn't fix for us kids and he was always happy to do it.

He may not have always acted like it, but his pride and happiness always showed through just before we'd run off to play with what he had fixed.

He loved to make us smile.

Still does.

I'll never forget when I was young and my brother Daniel was, I think about 4 or 5, and one of my favorite cats died. (I say cats plural because when you live on a farm there were a lot of stray cats to choose from, so it wasn't too uncommon for us to have a favorite cat then have it disappear and we would soon pick another favorite cat.)

I was so upset about this cat being dead.

Daniel has a big heart and from the time he was a toddler he was worried about people having their feeling hurt.

When he saw me crying as mom was trying to get me to calm down Daniel came to me, I remember him leaning his head sideways to my face and saying, "Don't Worry. Daddy will fix it."

That's been one of our favorite family memories/jokes to share to this date.

Still to this day, if any of us have something that needs fixing we ask my dad.

We've had this spring rocking horse that I got at a yard sale when I found out I was pregnant with Brother. He used it till I thought it was going to fall apart.

Sister used it until I thought it was going to fall apart.

But, Baby used it more than any of them and I didn't even know it was possible to rock it back and forth so far without it flipping over.

Well, between it being in our house and well-used for over 15 years and the use that my growing 5-year-old Baby has put into it (she has calloused blisters on her hands from holding on so tight) it has broken 3 times in the last 6 months.

Baby has ridden it so hard that the bolts actually snapped off.

This last break ended up with the bolt snapping off at the base and getting embedded in the post. I figured it was a goner.

My dad looked at it for a few minutes.

Took it apart.

Then came back with the new piece he had fixed the very next day.

Baby has been rocking non-stop since the day it got fixed. She had been without it for 2 weeks because my mom and I were trying to find another horse to replace this one.

I should have known Daddy would fix it.

So that was one of my UPs today.

Hearing Baby happily squeaking her rocking horse for most of the day today.

She couldn't be happier.

Also, as a side note, when we went to my parents yesterday Baby just kept hanging on to my dad, Grandpa James and wouldn't let him go. She understands the great thing he did for her.

One of my little UPs today was the picture my sister, Kirsten, sent me while she was watching our kids for a bit tonight. But I do wish she could have gotten a picture of Brother and Sister stuffing marshmallows in their mouths... I'm sure that was funny!

I'm glad the drums are at Kirsten's house... (smile)
Day 33 of 365 Days of Up

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