Thursday, February 26, 2015

Slap in The Face

I forget what my life is like sometimes.


I do.

And then I get a slap-in-the-face reminder.

I sat down today after all the kids were home from school and started on some design work I needed to have ready by tomorrow.

All the kids seemed fairly entertained... at least they weren't crying, bothering me, screaming or running out of the house.

Apparently, Brother was just feeding Ranger 3 bags of dog treats and wheeling around the bottom rack of the dishwasher on the kitchen floor after he had emptied it.

No big deal...

Just a possible clogged dog and probable rack replacement.

Same old, same old...


Anyway, I guess it just hasn't been the bestest day ever.

Now there were good things. I'll get to those.

For right now, I want to laugh at all that was wrong with the day so that I don't pile on today's stress to tomorrow's stresses.

Today was the perfect day for a sitcom.

For instance, when Marc got home from work he could sense my level of irritableness and, when asked, I told him about the recent happenings. During this I was making dinner and getting the kitchen cleaned up a bit. Marc was wiping down counters while I was trying to open a can of tomato sauce.

You would have thought that between 3 different can openers in the drawer that one of them would surely work.

To my chagrin, none of them fulfilled the complete task and I was resided to using a butter knife to pry open the can lid. It popped open, but it popped a little faster than I planned and it ended up splattering little spots of tomato sauce all over the counter Marc was cleaning, his shirt, my shirt, my face and the floor.

I stood there for a moment and processed what had just happened and unemotionally said to Marc, "It's just been one of those days." I walked away and Marc just calmly kept cleaning the counter. He had caught on from earlier that today was not the day to either try to be funny or sympathetic. This days was the don't-say-anything-because-no-matter-what-it-is-will-be-wrong day.

Smart man.

It was fun, though, to have friends over for dinner and conversation. Hopefully, while they were here, they didn't notice any tomato splatters I had missed.

Sister had a bit of a melt down while our friends were here. I wasn't surprised because of other things that had occurred earlier that day. I was trying to hug and talk her through it. I wasn't really getting her calmed down even though I tried.

At times like this when Sister falls apart I am able to realize the difference Ranger has made in Our Life. Ranger walked in the room while Sister was falling apart and she immediately went to him, talk to him, pet him and hugged him and she, within 5 minutes, was fine.

It truly is miraculous what a dog can do for children with special needs.

So, all in all, it was a decent day despite the few Brother mishaps.

But the UP I want to mention was having the opportunity to see my cousin's wife and their daughter on the front row at the play this morning!

Day 56 of 365 Days of Up

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