Saturday, February 7, 2015

It was the String Beans

I slept in this morning.

Really slept in.

I think I am just worn out.

I've been having a lot of fun doing the play, I have been having a lot of fun doing things with friends and family but I am also worn out from making decisions on Sister's behalf.

We have a bunch of new stuff going on for her to help her, me and our family.

We have a behaviorist coming now, Supported Living provider, and new ways to tackle things at home for her benefit.

I am also still trying to get the services needed for Baby, which should be starting soon.

And Brother, we are still trying to get services for him.

It wears me out all the appointments, meetings, paperwork, decisions, etc. that I have to worry about just to feel like I won't go crazy at any given moment.

So I guess I just let myself sleep so I wouldn't have to think for a few hours...

The day was decent. It really was. No complaints. It was just a day.

It was actually a very sunny and warm day for a Utah February!

I wanted to do chalk art but didn't have a chance. I hope I get time to do some this week. I miss it.

My UP for today is... well... it was just a day really, so I would have to say it was that when I was making dinner and Marc was helping me, he got all excited to see the fancy side dish I was making, which was just string beans with almonds toasted in lemon pepper and coconut oil, but he was still impressed.

His comment is what made me laugh.

"It's this kind of food that makes me feel romantic."

Tee hee!

How cute is that?

I should have put up a few candles as we sat and ate our string beans with the kids whining around us at the dinner table.

Ah... married romance... it's the little things.

Here's my quick sketch:
This may or may not be based on a true story... (and that is a plastic, toy sword Sister is wielding of Marc's head)
Ha ha!

Day 38 of 365 Days of Up

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