Sunday, July 25, 2010

funny words

Sister:  "Dad! Dad! A muff! I saw a muff!!! Dad!!!"
Marc: "You saw a mouse?"
Sister (louder): "A MUFF!"

Marc and I start to giggle as she says it again.

Then I remember the moth I saw in the hallway earlier this morning... "A moth?"

Sister:  "Ya, a muff!"

Other Sister words:
shacktow = trackhoe
treller = trailer
Twister = all paint horses or male horses (Twister is the gelding we sold a while back)
he = she
she = he
Rachael = Mom

And the best one:
I was telling someone how she calls our suburban a persimmon. She piped up, quite loudly, "No, a simmon!!" Still funny. I guess persimmon was getting to hard to say every 5 seconds when she sees a suburban on the road!

So we have graduated from this:


to this

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Kirsten Amelia said...

Oh my gosh! I screamed so loud! That is hilarious! You are such a SPAZ!