Friday, July 30, 2010

Babushka and Paint

When Grandpa Gary saw Baby in her little head scarf he immediately called her "Little Babushka."

Check out her shoes—tee hee!

One morning Grandma Judy came over—can't remember why now—and she was wanting to do something fun with the kids so she decided to teach them how to use their water color paints. It was so cute watching her with them.

They loved it and wanted to do it the rest of the day.

It's times like this that I realize how blessed I am to have a mom like mine. She would always sit down with us to do things. I remember her making clay and then she would teach us how to mold things. She would teach us how to draw and how to color in the lines. She even taught me how to make a sand castle in our dirt pile. She taught me how to play with my trucks and my horses. She also taught me to use my imagination and to value my brothers and sisters.

My mom molded much of what I am today—I like to think that, maybe, I am a little like her.

2 remarks:

The Chizel Family said...

baby is soo stinkin' cute!! love it. and I was thinking before I read at the bottom of your post how cute your mom was and how she loves the grandkids so much, I was thinking of what a neat lady she is, and then I read your post...
sorry, I didn't get to say goodbye...had to have a short trip to the doc ha ha yeah, didn't think it was possible but yep it happens apparently

Julie said...

You think you are only a little like your mom? Understatement!