Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ears, Indians, Sparklers and Chores

Baby ended up with a double ear infection. I was just thankful that it wasn't RSV. I finally took her into the doctor because she was getting worse and I wanted to be able to catch it early. He checked her out and said she "Has two unhappy ears." So after a week of anitibiotics she is doing much better and almost back to normal. At the appointment she weighed 15 pounds 11 ounces. She is my chubbiest baby. She doesn't weigh a lot, but she is, what I like to call, fluffy!

Sister still keeps saying the funniest things but, because I am so behind in journaling/blogging I am forgetting what they are... hmmmm. I'll have to think harder.... later...

Independance Day weekend was fun-filled. Marc was on call and only got called out once. We took Kirsten and Jeremy with us swimming on Saturday. We went on a picnic in the park next to the pool first. There was an Ellis Island rendezvous/re-enactment going on there. It was very cool. We didn't take the time to really check out all the stuff because we wanted to get our swimming in. Where we sat at the park was right next to a guy who was dressed up as a Mohican Indian. He was authentic from his shaved head and mohawk right down to his loin cloth... ya... loin cloth. Needless to say I'm glad we didn't sit too close.

Brother is VERY intrigued by American Indians and kept watching this guy. I told him to go up and say "hi." He got right up and walked over to him (well about 10 feet away) and put his hand up to his wide open mouth and began patting it while hollering "indian style!" We all sat in amazement, slack jawed and trying to hold back our laughter. The "indian" ignored Brother as if he were just some twerpy kid, so Brother continued on with this until he finally heard us all calling him back. He was quite disappointed that the "indian" didn't engage in his fun. I wish I would have gotten a picture of that!

I did get a picture of what Baby did with the Cheetos.

Swimming was a bit chilly because of the breeze so Skinny Little Kirsten (as we all lovingly call her)was freezing and spend most of the time trying to warm up in the sun. So of course Jeremy was there and Brother was right beside him and then Marc joined in.

Brother put this lovely Spider Man towel on Jeremy to keep him warm.. I thought it was funny so I took a picture. Kirsten, obviously approved.

Baby zonked half way through.

Sister was just enjoying being there. (OK, so not really, she was C-O-L-D)

I wish I would have gotten a picture of Brother going down the twisty slide at a turtle-like speed... funny.

Marc took Jeremy on a tour of his work place. On our way out he wanted to stop and show us the local wild life preserve....

a killdear decided to nest right there on the gravel so someone sprayed out the area and put down cones. So funny!

Here is everyone in the "Persimmon" looking out at the bird.

Then we came home and BBQ'd with our backyard neighbors. After we got our kids to bed we came back out as just adults and roasted marshmallows, made s'mores and talked till late.

It was a beautiful sunset so I made Marc take a picture from the front porch.

Sunday we went to church and afterwards went to my mom's for a hot dog roast, fun and socializing.

Funniest part of that night was the humongous sparklers my mom and dad had found at my grandpa's house. They were, basically, duds—but, still very entertaining!

Brother loves Doritos...

Check out those sparklers! And Baby is just enjoying the show.

LittleB and Sister are having a ball on the trampoline! And then they had more fun on the swing.

Chelsea took good care of Baby. She is has on of her own on the way! Yay! She's 15 weeks!

Monday we continued the celebration with our backyard neighbors again and added another family and my parents to the mix. We BBQ'd, played in the pools, jumped in the bounce house, had a water balloon fight and I made 3 dutch oven peach cobblers. Wew!
(I don't have pictures of that but hopefully I will get a few from my friend...)

Brother is such a big helper. He has had to help me a few times with Baby while I am running around trying to get things done and Marc has his hands full with Sister. I got cute pics of him feeding her for me. He has also been unloading the dishwasher all my himself by utilizing a step stool for the higher stuff. He really is a go-getter! I am so proud of him. Today I got pictures of him and Sister doing a different job. The dishes weren't clean yet and they wanted to play outside and I told them they had to do their jobs first so they cleaned the counter and table. I had to take pictures of them working as a team.

Yes, I know he has his feet on the counter, but, hey, I wasn't going to complain. I just thought it was quite funny.

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Mariah said...

Holy cow! You're a blogging maniac!

Annie Valerio said...

Wow girl looks like you had a fun filled weekend!!! And your kids are welcome to come over anytime and play :) Yes we finally got Ryder an outside toy LOL. He has enjoyed it already!

Rochelle said...

Wow, send them over to my house!!!