Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baby Stats, Tubes-n-Wagons

- 9 months 5 days- 16 pounds (10th percentile)
- 27.3 inches long (25th percentile)
- Overall 10th percentile
- a herniated belly button (no worries--she will most likely grow out of it)
- developmentally delayed by 3 months in all areas but speech and social

It's a punch in the gut, but I'll get back up and move on. She is doing well, I just have to keep my head up.

I took Baby and Sister on a walk with my friend and her kids and I needed a way to keep Baby upright in the wagon... float tubes are great! Tee hee!

The tube was a perfect fit for a very happy little Baby! She grinned the whole time!

6 remarks:

Joel and Jessie said...

precious! Nothing like kids having good old fashioned fun!

Mariah said...

Aren't you a genius!

amyandrandy said...

what a creative idea, i love it! =)

Rochelle said...

That is the coolest wagon ever!!!

Anonymous said...

the baby stats always killed me with my kiddos. I had to learn to just let them go and not cling to them. Its hard but my heart thanked me for it later lol :)

The Wagon Store said...

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