Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What's the Dill Bill?

I don't know why I just asked Bill that question. Maybe it is because I just got done reading a rhyming book to Sister. Anyway...

This is the reason for the post:

That is dill.

Like for dill pickles.

My dad brought me a FULL GARBAGE BAG this morning.

Mmm, nothing like the smell of dill. Really I am serious here. I love the way it smells. Even early in the morning it was still a welcome smell for my nostrils.

My dad told me to hang it upside down in my garage till it dries.

Now it smells like dill and tires in there, oh, and if you are close enough to the saddles you can add horse to those smells too.

My fingers smelled like pickles for a good couple hours after, even with a good scrubbing. (Maybe I wasn't  trying that hard because I kind of enjoyed it... )

And yes, I think I will be able to share some... just maybe... unless I actually get about five bushel of cucumbers to pickle this year... na! I think I will just share the wealth. Thanks, Dad! Love you man!

Many more posts coming. I am way behind. I just had to share the "dill."

4 remarks:

wendy said...

I was wondering what that smell was floating from your house to mine. Your dad is awesome, and you are a spaz.

amyandrandy said...

i remember canned pickles from when we lived in PG...i miss em! I love em!

Lisa said...

Can I just pay someone to do the bottling this fall, cuz I really hate it! (bad attitude, I know) I love the smell of dill too. Where are you guys in that pool photo........... looks like a posh hotel??

Shauna said...

I love making dill pickles. I planted a cucumber this year, but it died :o( Lucky for me, my dad should have plenty to share. If you can't use it all, I will have to grab some from you....Oh, and I have buckets I brought home from when I worked in the kitchen at school (4 years ago), they still smell. Mike hates it and won't let me store anything in them, just in case they end up smelling everything we store...oh well! Take care