Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Spider so BIG it took the "SIMMON" to kill it!!


I was leaving my physical therapy appointment and thought it would be really nice of me to clean up after my kids had ransacked the place.

I pick up the box of books and ... "plop." No, seriously it "plopped."

It was one of the biggest spiders I have ever seen.

I began to shreek and shutter. We were all ladies there, the physical therapist was not there and his sub is a girl (shout out to Kim!) so we were passing the buck as to who was going to step on this quarter-sized arachnid!

I left before any straws could be drawn.

But, then, the assistant, Britney and the head woman, Kim, come walking out with a cup, "We have decided it is too big to squish on the carpet in here so we are bring it out here and we are going to put it under the wheel of your suburban."

First I am thinking,"You were crazy enough to pick that up in a cup?"

Then I am shuttering, literally, because I am  hoping I don't feel the bump when I back up over the thing!

They calmly place the oversized spider behind my back wheel (thank goodness because I would never have had the guts to "climb" over it if it were anywhere near my door...) and then they back away... 10 feet... did they think it was going to squirt that far? My mom was there too (she is going to physical therapy for her shoulder surgery) and she backed away with them giggling at how far away they were.

As I back up I called out the window...

"Is it dead?"

I looked up pictures to post so you could see what kind of spider it was but I got the heebie jeebies looking at a hundred spiders on my screen so you will just have to imagine it...

2 remarks:

Anonymous said...

ewwwww!!!!! the whole time on the way home i would have he heebie jeebies thinking it hadn't died and was crawling into the vehicle. icky icky

Mariah said...

My response was exactly the same as the comment above... ewwwww!!! Glad it was you and not me.