Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fragile Xtreme Sports

I had no idea that Brother and Sister enjoyed activities that give them such a rush. My first realization of this was when we went to the Carnival before the rodeo.

My friend, Kandi, and her kids came down for the local rodeo and we wanted to hit the carnival first because it was family night and all the rides were only one ticket each.

Brother was excited to have some friends to ride with and maybe that is why he became so brave. He was really sick by the end of his 5th ride, but he was quite proud of himself! I would never do the rides he went on... mm mm!

Here are some pics of his adventurous rides, and some of Sister's that were adventurous for her.

First for Brother there was the ever favorite ferris wheel.

Then for Sister, of course, the merry-go-round.

Then Brother got braver at this point. This first picture the ride spins really fast and squishes the passengers to the sides of their seats. When he first got on he asked, "Mom, does this go fast?" I tried not to laugh. He had no idea what he was in for!



Just love his friend behind him... wahoo!

Sister was having fun on the easy going rides in the mean time.

Here is the one I was really surprised to see Brother go on because it goes upside down. I tried to warn him but, he really wanted to go and he actually really enjoyed it.

Then Brother braved this one! Sheesh!

He really got sick on this one but he insisted on going one last ride and the last ride really did both Brother and Sister in for the night—I can't believe that Sister even went on it. Kandi's daughter was sitting next to Sister and pretty much had to calm her down the entire ride! Brother and Sister are the last ones on the right. You can't really see Sister's head because she is leaning over on Mariah trying to hang on for dear life!

Then there is Sister's latest Xtreme sport. Getting stung by hornets. She got stung twice yesterday and then again today. When I saw how swollen her hand was I figured out she is doing it on purpose. I asked her to show me where the hornets were that were stinging her. She led me right to the corner post of the horse corral. Marc said that when he sprayed it with the hornet spray he counted 23 hornets flying out! I don't know if she was intrigued by them and let them sting her or if she just enjoyed the feel of the sting. With FXS you never know what kind of sensory stimulation they may go for...

Her left hand is so swollen. Even more so this morning. It's starting to move up her arm. She can't straighten her fingers or bend her wrist.

Of course I am watching it closely hoping we don't have to make an emergency room trip today.

Lastly is Baby's Xtreme sport of seeing how far she can projectile her vomit! I would have the bucket there for her to spew in and it would fly over the top of it somehow onto the couch!

Seriously I don't think it is right for both parents and a 9 month old to have the stomach flu. Have you ever been cleaning up vomit when suddenly the bathroom is calling you in for an emergency landing? It was an interesting couple of days.

Thank goodness mine didn't last long or hit too hard so that I was able to take care of Baby. Marc was too incompassitated to help. Poor guy. He had it really bad. He lost 4 pounds in 12 hours!

Baby is still struggling with getting over it, so between Sister's hand and Baby's stomach I will be a busy mom today...

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Mariah said...

Man alive -- we're right there with ya! Stomach flu is the worst - especially because Mom has to clean up your own vomit, but everyone elses!

I can't believe Avery's hands. But I was very impressed with the rides. I wouldn't go on some of those.