Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Floaties in the sink, Fish, Flip Flops and First Day

Yes, she does look guilty doesn't she...

but the only floaties in the sink were her toys.

Baby's stats:
 At 10 months

-She is now rolling over from her back to her tummy and her tummy to her back!! Yay! This was one of her goals to meet before September and she did it!

-She is now sitting up and bending forward to reach for things and lands (not gracefully) on her tummy to get it.

-She is strong enough now to sit up in the sink so that I can bathe her easier

-She sits up on her own for quite a while now without falling over

-She has no teeth yet, or any sign of teeth coming

-She loves to stand up when you hold her hands

-She bangs toys together

-She can switch and object from one hand to the other

-She turns when you call her name

(If you have or know a baby who has not reached these milestones by 10 months call your early intervention specialist in your area.)

Things that we will be working on (her new goals):
hopefully by 12 months

-Positioning to hands and knees from sitting


-Looking at or acknowledging people or objects ie. "Where Daddy?" And she looks to find daddy or "Horse." and she looks at the horse, etc.

-Pushing simple buttons on toys to make them go

OK, Fish...
Marc got to go fishing with some buddies from work and he was the only one that caught one that day! Which is a miracle in and of itself because we gave up fishing a long time ago because we rarely caught anything. But, hey, today was his day!

Flip Flops

Sister loves to put on other peoples' shoes or flip flops (she calls them fip fops). When we went to the pool she asked Daddy to put on her flip flops while she wore his...

First Day of school

Brother and Sister get to ride the same bus together. They go to different schools but, the same bus takes both classes. I was so excited to hear they got to be together! Sister was so happy to be with her big brother and Brother protects her strongly.

Man, I love these kids!

Brother, here, is showing Sister how calm he is about the whole thing...
Sister was wired

 And here is a picture of today's ensemble—just love her socks! And yes, I picked out her outfit! She loved it! (and yes, that is Brother's foot off the the left—relaxing again...

3 remarks:

Rochelle said...

Her hair is SOOO cute all the time, I pretty do the same thing every day for Ellie with a few variations. I love it when little girls have their hair done cute!! So fun that they get to ride the bus together!!

The Chizel Family said...

so stinkin' cute!!

crombie said...

First of all, I think sister has a contagious smile since her whole face lights up! And the pic of brother with your caption about being so calm about the whole thing just made me lol... i love to imagine what kids are thinking and since I don't ususally see kids waiting for the bus so nonchalantly, that picture is priceless :)