Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First Trailer Trip This Summer

We wrangled Jessie's Family into coming with us on a two-night campout and then Kirsten and Jeremy joined us for one night on Friday. It was really crowded for the Pioneer Day weekend but, we still found a great spot... well, great, when the dirtbikes weren't revvin' through! But the pictures were great!

Here are all the kids that were up there piled into the hammoc. This hammoc has been a treasure. It is one that my brother, Daniel brought us from his mission to Brazil—makes it even better!
Don't you just love Jman's face in this one. They all just love Baby to pieces.

The second day there, we headed down to the lake in the late morning so that Joel could try some fishing and the kids could skip some rocks.

See the rocks flying through the air. This was Brother's favorite—just throwing rocks into the water. If there are ever rocks and water in together in one place, Brother is mixing them up.

Doesn't Sister look awesome in her camo pants—she looks so... camper-ish.

And here she is showing us the face she has much of the time. (She's a tough one, don't let her fool you.)

Then there is Marc tickling Baby...

On our way out from the lake back to camp we saw these birds along the side of the road and stopped to observe and take some pictures. We watched them for a while before they took flight.

Daniel this was all for you! We brought the brazilian BBQ with us so we could show you that we can do it! It still wasn't as good as yours but, it was good, and we made a ton.
When come visit us from Florida you better plan on cooking for us!! (smile)

We forgot our roasting sticks and Jessie and Joel only had two. Brother really wanted to make his own roasting stick but kept finding this branches that were just too thick. He was persistant so Marc finally carved a thick stick narrow at the end he could put a marshmallow on the end. I laughed so hard because the stick was as thick as the marshmallow. This picture of him trying to roast through the smoke with his thick stick just says it all...

Jeremy is such a kid, he makes me laugh. He made a can of chili on the fire and the kids thought it was so awesome!

Kirsten was a good babysitter while I cooked the meat and such for everyone.

After Sister woke up in the morning and we were all ready to go we went on a hike. I loved that Sister had to take along her walking stick. And on the hike we saw a sheep camp that the kids thought was great because of the horses. Marc got a cool picture I had to stick in.

2 remarks:

The Chizel Family said...

Looks like fun; although, I didn't see any gators in that lake. Where's the excitement? The food looked good but I'm glad to hear it wasn't as good without us there.

Rochelle said...

were those Emu's??? Looks like so much fun!!!