Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hanging out with Mr. Wonderful

I know, I know, you are totally expecting this post to be all about Marc...


It's about Mr. Wonderful.

Sister was playing in her room this morning after breakfast and I could hear a deep voice in her room... now I know she likes to do the voices of the characters she plays but this had to be something else. So, I listened intently from the kitchen...

"Let's just snuggle tonight."

I immediately began laughing and ran to get my camera.

Yes, yes, I know her room is a mess.
You are not looking at this picture to judge the mess...
just look at the cute girl with the doll.
Oh, and don't mind the breakfast still on her face.
Marc and I got this doll as a White Elephant Gift a few years back (you can see what we got last year here). It was the gift of the night as we all took turns squeezing his hand to hear the cheesy things he would say in his suave voice. Too funny.

I got a little annoyed with it when at night I would be laying in bed almost ready to doze off and I would hear, "Honey, I think it's important we talk about our relationship." And I would bust up laughing and then Marc would put the doll back under the bed so that he could use him at a later time. We keep thinking we should re-gift him at another party, but, frankly, he is just too much fun. And now that Sister has taken a liking to him, I really don't think he'll be going anywhere.

Do you want to hear a funny thing Sister said on Sunday at church? If not, too late... here I go...

I took her into the bathroom after our first meeting and she kept asking me "Whose toilet is this?"

I replied, "I don't know," with a chuckle.

She persisted in getting an answer to whose toilet it was so I finally said, "The church's."

She immediately said, "Oh. Jesus' toilet?"

Tee hee.

An update on Baby
She is still walking along furniture but has now been able to stand on her own without holding on to something for at least 2-3 seconds. Yay!!

I found out that she sleeps better with a night light at night.

She loves the computer. I think I am going to have to do what I did for Brother when he was a baby and get her her own keyboard that she can type on while I work. I can't do any work on the computer while she is awake anymore because she cries and screams when I try to barricade her from the keyboard.

And, oh, funny story.

Marc got this Sing-a-ma-jig for Baby for Christmas (which I thought was strange looking and annoying, but whatever floats his boat). Well, about 3 or 4 days ago it just stopped working and this is not a good thing because Sister and Baby both loved it. You are supposed to be able to squeeze it's tummy for it to talk or sing—it stopped working. We tried everything we could to get it to work and still, nothing. So I opted to take it back. There just happened to be someone I know behind me in the return line so I started talking to her about why I was there, pressed the tummy to show her how it didn't work and so on. The worker called me "next" to the counter and I proceeded to tell him the same story. He happily took it back and was about to give me my money and he was saying how annoying these toys were and started squeezing it to joke around. It worked! I said, "do that again", so he did. "OK," I said, " I guess I don't need to take it back anymore." I walked off laughing at the slightly embarrassing situation.

One last thought.

I am worried that I am missing something somewhere for my kids.

Sister keeps hitting herself in the head when she is overstimulated or frustrated.

Brother had to switch lunch buddies at school because his new lunch buddy was really cute and he had a major crush on her. Apparently he didn't keep this a secret because she asked to have a change in lunch buddies because he was making her feel uncomfortable because of his crush. (A new set of worries begin.)

I still need to keep Baby on track and I am not even doing the things I should be.

Our home teachers came last night and saw Sister in all her glory. I had to finally excuse myself so that I could take her downstairs to the therapy room to the trampoline and punching bag.

I don't know, it's weird, I am sitting here typing this and I am not sad or anything, just ... amazed at the incredible abilities of my kids, yet, at the same, time see all the little things that make them stand out as not being mainstream kids.

I will tell you one thing though, mothering is tough enough no matter what your kids are like. You need a great support system. I am so thankful for my mother-in-law, mom, sister and friends who chip in when I need it. But, most of all, I am most thankful for my Mr. Wonderful and all he does to raise our children and support me.

Sister can keep her Mr. Wonderful.

I have my own.

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amyandrandy said...

lol! where do kids qustions come from?! e asked me the other day if Jesus brushes his teeth? really? what a funny thought right. and she wasn't even near a toothbrush, just randomly.
also, i love your last thought, it's true so glad we have a great support system, we need it.