Saturday, January 22, 2011

Retail Therapy

This is something I should have done a loooooooonnnnnnng time ago.

My mom watched our kids (She called it Grandma's Super Saturday and painted with them, made pizza with them, molded clay with them—they were in heaven.) while we went on a date and we decided to go bummin' around the mall and window shop.

I had SO MUCH FUN!!!


#1- I was out with my hubby (smile... really big smile)
#2- I had a 4 hour break from the kids that didn't include grocery shopping, running errands, or talking about the kids and what more we can do for them
#3- I got to see people in the stores that actually know what customer service is (I shop at Walmart... need I say more)
#4- I got to see all the cute styles coming for spring
#5- I got fantastic deals on winter clearances (I mean let's face it, it's still winter here for at least a couple of months
#6- I danced and sang Bruno Mars' Just the Way You Are to Marc while he was looking at shoes in the men's department of Nordstroms
#7- I was able to embarrass Marc for the 15 seconds I sang and danced for him in the middle of Nordstroms - one of the worker's thought it was quite cute...
#8- We went and ate in the food court and caught a few minutes of the local college game on TV
#9- I dragged Marc into Victoria's Secret so I could browse the clearances and lotions and I was getting such a kick out of him trying to figure out where to avert his eyes... ha ha ha ha!
#10- Feeling like we were young college kids out having fun, only thinking of what we could do to impress eachother

Oh, I love my husband.

I had so much fun on such a simple date.

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