Thursday, January 27, 2011


is something that Fragile X'ers are REALLY good at.

It can be quite funny, like when Brother at only 5-6 years old could imitate Harry Potter, accent all. He was quite the party pleaser.

Sometimes it's not so funny, like yesterday I got a call from Sister's teacher asking if she has been hitting herself in the head. How ironic is that... I finally vented about this yesterday because it has been such a HUGE worry on my mind and then I get a call about it from her teacher that same day.

Anyway, Teacher asked if it was possible that she would be mimicking another student.

"Oh, definitely. Fragile X kids are known for this," I reply.

Teacher responds, "OK. We were wondering about that because there is another child in another class whom we see at lunch, recess and activities who hits himself and jumps around a LOT."

That's it. She has been mimicking another child.

I am glad to know that it wasn't something I was doing wrong or that she had regressed, but, at the same time, I am freaking out because I don't know how to change it. So I talked to Teacher about putting a social story together for her that would hopefully help. We decided that was a good solution.

When Sister got home from school, though, I thought I would just try talking to her about copying this other kid and that it was wrong to hit herself. She looked a little embarrassed that I had figured out why she had been behaving this way and for the first time in 2 weeks she didn't hit herself at all!!! Yay!!!!!! Is that all I had to do? She was able to understand what I told her without the pictures to back the words up! Yahoo! It's miraculous, for me, that I was able to talk to her and not have to make a big parade in order to get her to do something. Yay!

Although, we still have the test of time. We will see if this lasts. I hope so, because if I can avoid social stories with this girl I will be all that much more stress-free. (smile)

Along the lines of mimicking, today was Sister's Flashback Day at school. I decided to dress her up late 80's - early 90's style. I laughed quietly in my head as I was getting her all ready to go. She didn't want to get up from her "desk" while I took her pictures so these remind me of a teenager in the 80's doing her homework. Stacked scrunchies, big hair, leggings tucked into socks, belt around the waist with a long shirt and a plastic bead necklace---ah, yes, what fashion we had! Too funny!

Then there's Brother. I gave him a haircut in the morning before school...

Like father, like son.
Man, my kids are good looking! I guess that's where they mimic their father... at least so I'm told. (smile)

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