Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jeggings that are actually cute

Come on ladies... let's be honest... there are very few of us over 30 who actually look good in skinny jeans. Who the heck decided to squeeze the legs starting at the ankle (like a tube of toothpaste) so that we have over-flowing muffin-top at the waist line.

Not cute.

Just sayin'.

Then I find the wonder pants.

Lo, and behold they are the dreaded jeggings!

However these are bootcut jeggings!

With a wide elastic waist band.


Call me a grandma, I don't care. These jeans are hot!

I got me two pair yesterday at Sears for $20 a pair.

I  L.O.V.E.  them.

They don't fall down.

They don't stretch out so that they fall down.

When I sit down there is no gap between me an the waist of the pants (we all know that situation--hence, the coin slot expression).

I feel like a woman in them... I don't have a girlish figure... hips were not something that I was blessed with.

Anyway, from what I have heard, Sears cannot keep these in stock. What woman that may not be a perfect size 8 doesn't want an elastic waist that stays on without riding or sliding? Perfect.

These people are genious.

These pants are called Celeb Pink, Boot Cut Jeggings. They have a website, but I couldn't find the bootcut on there, but this is the site anyway, here.  (I know when you click on it you feel like an imposter on this teeny bopper teen website, but I have to say they are ingenious jeans! (the bootcut---I still can't like skinny jeans... maybe when I weigh 102 pounds I will wear them proudly--I'm 5'10" people!)

(Yes, these are what I bought after taking back all the things I got on Saturday. The store manager was not happy with me and made sure to let me know. So, the whole bit about the great customer service at the mall... apparently I was wrong.)

2 remarks:

Rochelle said...

I have a pair of jeggins, and I wear leggins almost everyday, they are my fav!, but in my jeggins, by belly still has the muffin top... grrr I really want to loose weight, so anyway, there ya go:) I can't believe how much I love to wear the leggins with boots and a big dress type thing/really long flowy shirt... And why would the manager care if you returned things???

Anonymous said...

I tried to find these...but couldnt find them. Maybe you could post a link to where we can purchase them? Thanks - great post.