Friday, January 7, 2011

Puzzles and Puzzling

My dad LOVES doing puzzles. Loves them so much, in fact, that it is scary to see how fast he can put those crazy jigsaw puzzles together. One thing we learned as kids was, "Don't touch the puzzle in progress!" We all learned the hard way, don't move pieces, don't mess up the organized piles of pieces, don't try to put a piece in unless it fits and if it doesn't put it back in the organized pile you got it from, and most importantly: don't eat dinner by the puzzle!

My dad was gone the first part of Sunday when we all showed up for dinner. Marc wanted a place to sit and I guess we hadn't filled him in on the etiquette of the puzzle...

We were all laughing pretty hard at the guts Marc had to pull this one out of his hat!

Now look to the bottom left of this pic.

See the paper, the glue in that box lid?

Let me give you a closer look.
My dad does not mess around when it comes to fixing things the right way... it's a box lid, Dad. Get some scotch tape for Pete's sake. Gave us a good laugh, though!

And the puzzling thing is, how do you get Elvis, Aladdin, an Egyptian and a genie all in the same room?

You pull them out of my mom's costume closet...

Notice how my mom is cheesin' it behind Brother... she shows up again later.

Mom... pppfffth!

Little Fragile X puzzler...
They are notorious for stuffing their mouths.
It's a sensory thing.
This was grandma Judy's home made roll.

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