Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Eagle Eye

There's this really cool spot we love to go with the kids every once in a while to go see some bald eagles out in the wild. It is so cool to see these birds in flight and nesting high in the trees out in the middle of this farmland.

We have seen dozens at once in the past but, this time, it was cold. We saw two. It was still awesome. But, I count at least 24 nests in this picture.

Brother was loving using Marc's binoculars to look at the eagles. It was so cute to see how intrigued he was.

Even I had to borrow Marc's binoculars to check out another bird we saw. We figured it was a golden eagle. Couldn't get a good picture of it, so you'll just have to settle looking at me looking at it. (smile)

Sister kept excitedly squealing, "Mom, a baby eagle! Ooohh! Cute!"

I wish we would have been lucky enough to see some baby eagles,
but it was just the crows. I tried to explain that to her...
but who am I to dash a girl's dreams? So she saw some baby eagles...

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Julie said...

Where do you go to see eagles? My kids would love to eagle watch!