Monday, January 24, 2011

Retail Blues, Funny Hunny, and Basket Reading

So, I think I was so excited to be out on a date in the big city with my hubby that I wasn't thinking straight when I bought some of the things I did. What made me think that a almost-34-year-old stay at home mom needed to wear a fur vest. Did I forget that I have a drooling, slobbering baby? Did I think I was 15? And why didn't I try on my boots? I wear a size 10, not a size 9. I must have been so excited about the $15 dollar tag that I just grabbed them and ran. I won't even tell you a couple of the other things I am going to be taking back... Oh, well, I still had a great time. I will just try to keep my excitement to a minimum when purchasing clearance.

And next... Oh this is just to funny.

My hunny really loves to make me laugh. Sometimes after the kids are in bed I will groggily walk into our bedroom with my eyes half open and shoulders hunched. I see my husband looking at me with one of these varying props on.
 He keeps them in his dresser drawer and will pull them out when he thinks I need a good laugh. I mean really, how could you not love this mug?

Bwa ha ha ha ha! AAaaaah ha ha ha! Oh how I love him!

Marc whispered to me to get the camera the other day because Baby had crawled into a laundry basket that I had some of Sister's folded clothes in waiting to be put away. She was just chillin' in there, quiet and content. Then she pulled up some books from the floor and had some sweet alone time. If you look close in these pictures you can see some of her teeth.

4 remarks:

Anonymous said...

Your baby is getting so big and is so super cute!!!
Your hubby is a crack up!

Rochelle said...

i totally don't like what I buy on the clearance rack when I get home! I always buy things just because they are on sale:)

Mariah said...

Love it! Baby is getting so much hair! And I love your new blog look. (Can't wait to see the fur.)

Marc and Rachael said...

Oh, you won't see the fur--that went pack with the silver knee high stockings. (smile)