Friday, January 21, 2011

Potty Art, Wide Pants, and Dental Woes

I am obsessed with losing weight so I get on my scale at least everyday. Sometimes I practice will-power and do it every other day.

Anyway, yesterday morning I brought out my scale and noticed some pink scribbles on it...

Ya, my first thought was the same as yours.


I remembered the night before when I asked her to get ready for tub and when I came in she was crouched on the floor and looking awfully guilty. I couldn't see anything she had done so I passed it off and got her and Baby into the tub.

But after seeing the scale I knew it justified further inspection. (Where else did she grace us with her artwork.)

Now, first, in my defense, here is my view when I am in the bathroom.

So you see anything wrong here... OK... don't look too hard, it's a bathroom... anyway, nothing too out of the ordinary right?

Well, look underneath both sides of the bowl.

That's Brother's toothbrush... don't worry, he got a new one at the dentist yesterday.

I laughed my head off (after I cursed her name).

Then I took a picture.

Oh, man, the joy my kids bring day after day is astounding!

Now for the next picture.

Sister is VERY skinny and I always have to buy adjustable waist jeans or take in her pants on the sides with my sewing machine. Sometimes I am in a rush to do the take-in, so I just sew down about an inch on each side instead of tapering down the leg.

Well, I discovered last night that this is not a good way to take in pants.

Exhibit #1

When she pulls up her pajama pants she doesn't take notice as to whether or not the waist is tucked down in... so with that one inch take-in is bubbles out and makes her look like Yzma from Disney's Emperor's New Groove

I laugh every time I see Sister with her pants like this and then I fold the waist band back up to fix it so I don't laugh myself to death.

Here's a closer look:
Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!

OK, so back to a serious note.

The dentist is never a good experience for Brother. He did worse yesterday than he ever has and I even prepped him for a good couple of months. He totally freaked out. I even had my mom and dad there as back-ups and even they couldn't get him to calm down and open his mouth for the cleaning.

I am afraid that I will be resorting to having him sedated when he gets dental work done. I hate doing this because it makes me feel like I have failed in prepping him somehow or that I haven't taken him to the dentist enough to get him used to it all. But, I can't blame myself... from what I read, a lot of FX kids have to be sedated for dental work.

The upside is that Sister did better than ever and has no cavities!


(Always end on a happy note. It gives us all hope for a better tomorrow.)

2 remarks:

Joel and Jessie said...

that was a good one!

Julie said...

Curse those Sharpies! I have an artist, too, and the other day I finally noticed the artwork on the back of the couches downstairs. Huge murals of doodles! I hope the pink marker was able to easily come off the porcelain!

Sorry about the dentist. I had to have one of my kids sedated, too. It makes me nervous, but the dentist was able to get so much more done!