Thursday, January 13, 2011

And so it begins...

Those of you who have been with me since I started this blog will fondly remember my ramblings of Sister's mischief. Like the time she left footprints in the hall, here. Or the time she painted her face, here. There was so much more mischief...

Well, I have a feeling that Baby will now be following in her footsteps...
Sadly, this is all I got a picture of. I am not used to taking pictures of mischief anymore, but I am sure I am going to get into the habit again. This is was it looked like after I had gathered it from out of the hall an rolled more than half of it up.

She is still crawling. When she unrolled the toilet paper she must seen something else more interesting down the hall and the paper stuck to her knees for half of the journey.

This is my lovely masterpiece after I was done rolling.
And this next picture really makes me laugh because... well... let me back up:
Yesterday my sister was over and LittleB was keeping Baby occupied. Well, I guess Baby decided to get adventurous and try to climb the little bookshelf that is in Sister's room. We weren't there to see the process, but we here a loud crash and some crying. When I came in I saw that the bookshelf had fallen to the floor with Baby poking through it. It was like one of those old comedies where the wall falls on someone but, they end up standing right where the window is so they don't get hurt... I wanted to take a picture of her but I felt bad to make her sit there while I documented the incident.

So, today, I re-enacted the scene.

For your enjoyment.
Don't worry, no one was hurt during the taking of this photo. (No animals were hurt either.) I can't decide if I am laughing that I would take the time to set the doll up for this shot or the reminder of how funny it was to see Baby looking bewildered with the shelf surrounding her... Bwa ha ha ha ha!!!!

Well, anyway, I thought it was funny... (sheepish smile) maybe you had to be there...

Then tonight Sister and Baby were taking a tub. Sister loves to torture Baby and take toys from her that she wants. Baby cries and whines and screams until I don't care about justice... just peace. So I strongly encourage Sister to give Baby one of the toys back. Well, this time Sister didn't want to give in so easily and held onto the toy even through my encouraging and Baby's ranting. So, Baby did something I saw for the first time—reached over, grabbed Sister's arm and started to bite her! Luckily Sister saw what was coming once the drool hit her arm and quickly  handed her the desired toy.



Does it make me worry?


Brother and Sister never started biting this early. I thought Sister was aggressive. Is Baby going to be more so?

Brother used to bite when hyper-arousal set in, or if he was anxious or overwhelmed with a situation.

Sister used to bite... wait... sometimes she still does... uggh... just because she gets overwhelmed or aggressive because of being hyper-aroused or anxious.

So at 15 months am I going to have to start teaching Baby not to bite people? Oh boy. Here we go.

If you have a child who needs a little help in this area and understands stories and pictures a social story is a great way to help teach appropriate behavior. Click here to understand what social stories can be used for and a great resource for downloading some free ones. Social stories can be very simple drawings for older kids and for little kids it really helps to have actual pictures.

Cheer up. There is always a solution.

It just depends on whether we can pull ourselves together enough to implement the solution. (smile)

2 remarks:

Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

I, for one, greatly appreciate the reenactment. Hilarious.

Rochelle said...

Love the reenactment! I have one baby who loves to play with toilet paper and play in the toilet, it drives me CRAZY!!! And she can open doors!