Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jesus, Frosty the Snow Man and Santa Claus

I know, I know the title sounds terrible but, it really is funny.

Sister had a really hard time with Christmas being over. Putting the Christmas tree away was tragic. Replacing all the decorations to their boxes was horrendous. And not having the lights turned on every night on the trees outside was devastating.

Soon, though, she was able to find refuge in playing with the 10 or more snowmen I had out for winter decor.

She would gather them altogether and she would play with them like little dolls. Some were big and some were small but all of them were joined into her little circle of "friends."

I would get quite a giggle as I listened in to these few lines that stuck with me as the most funny, although there were many funny things.

Sister was in her room one day with her Christmas books (because she hasn't been able to part with those yet) and I heard her saying something about being like Jesus and that he was so wonderful and was here for all of us and then it quickly went into:

"Because I am Santa Claus... you kiss Kringle... it makes Jesus happy."

I peaked in to see what book she was reading and it was her favorite book Kissing Kringle by Sam Beesom, and in her lap she had the Nativity Story.

Tee hee!

Another time, I am in the kitchen and cannot see her, but can hear her talking in her differing voices to distinguish each character.

Question:  "Do you know Jesus?"

Answer:  "Of course! I am Frosty the Snow Man."

Bwa ha ha ha!!!!

Maybe I need to spend this year explaining a little more who Jesus is and then take the time to explain the Christmas characters we have created over time that represent the beautiful qualities of Christ and Christmas.

But, until I get to that point, I will just sit back and laugh.

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Rosanne said...

i KNOW JUST HOW SHE FEELS I haven't put my light away yet, I still have them on:)