Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A car and a phone - what else does a girl need?

Baby has been really mobile lately.

She isn't walking on her own yet but she is pulling herself up to things and walking along furniture. She loves to walk with her new car. So cute. Watch.

After watching this video, you tell me if you think she says "uh oh" when she hits the wall. I think she did, but I try not to get my hopes up too much that she may be talking.

She also loves her phone. Two days ago she picked up a toy phone and said "Wo?" I thought maybe it was her first word, like Hello. I couldn't get her to say it again. But, maybe she was just shy.

Yesterday and Grandma Lynne's house she had my lipgloss up to her ear and was jib jabbering. We were all getting quite a kick out that. Then I handed her my cell phone and she acted like she had a call on hold... to funny.

Today, she picked up another toy phone that Marc had recorded his voice on--really cool--that said,"Hi, Baby, this is Daddy." She put the phone to her ear again and said "Dad." Clear as day. My sister was there at the time and she said, "She just said 'Dad!'" I didn't believe it really at first because I am just not used to actually hearing words from Baby's mouth. But, then Baby pushed the button again, listened and then brought the phone to her ear and sad "Dad." I really wish I would have had my camera to record it. It was so sweet. Yay!!!!

Ah yes, one of my prouder post moments. (smile)

3 remarks:

Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

I do think she said "uh oh." Because I think my boys were talking long before I realized they were talking, and I just hadn't recognized it because it wasn't crystal clear yet. She is such a sweetie, every time I see her pictures it makes me want to have more kids, FX or not....

Rosanne said...

yeah, it sounded like oh oh to me:) so cute!

Julie said...

She totally said, "Uh-oh!" Good job baby for walking so well!