Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hiding and Lining Up

Notice anything wrong with this picture?

Yes, Sister's bed isn't made.

Anything else? Ya, I didn't notice anything other than that either.

But, upon further inspection...
Hmm... pen. Been there for a while, I think.

But, this isn't all...

I found one of my dry erase markers in her room and searched for any "artwork" and couldn't find any. Well, I guess I should have looked behind and under her bed.
All I can figure is that she climbed under her bed and got behind it enough to scribble on the wall.

I know you are all thinking, "Why haven't you hidden the markers?"

Well, I thought the the top shelf of my desk was good enough...

But, I have a new idea... she'll never find it.

Can you see them?
Look closer...

Yep, they are camouflaged in the light bulb box. (And yes, it is dusty up there... bless your heart if your house is perfectly clean all the time.)

She better not be able to find them.

You know, when I was newly married without children, I would see a messy home, crayons on the wall,  a child's unwiped nose, children with undone/messy hair, or mismatched moon boots with pajamas and I would say to myself, "I will NEVER let my house get like that." or "My children will always look so darling."

I shouldn't have said that...

I think that was the pre-curser. Never say "never." (smile)

She also loves to line things up. Random things. Just whatever her fancy is at the time.
Our junk drawer has become a magnet for her "treasures."

Lately Sister has been saying she wants to watch "Raccoon." We have put in every movie that has a raccoon in it and we can't seem to appease her. Finally after 2 weeks of her asking to watch "raccoon" I figured out that she is saying, "cartoon." Tee hee. Go figure.

3 remarks:

Karen Mortensen said...

Mark my words, no pun intended, she will find them. Fragile X Kids are good at that. At least mine is.
For some reason, I love the lining up of things. Little abstract but very creative.

Rochelle said...

I hear ya!! :) Hunter used to line things up when he was little. I loved it!

Joel and Jessie said...

Ok the racoon thing is funny! The marker thing, I feel a bit of sympathy for you just because I wouldn't know how to clean that.