Monday, January 31, 2011

Can you answer the door?

Is what my mom asked me and Brother to do yesterday while we were there for Sunday Dinner.


So I was at the top of the stairs while Brother ran down to open the door. I was just there to make sure that he didn't say anything that would be awkward for whoever was at the door. You see as family we just walk in, we never knock or ring so when there was a knock I assumed it was some neighbors or something.

When Brother opened the door I saw a family that looked really familiar but it didn't register till I let it all soak in... my brother, Daniel and his family had come from Florida to see us!


We have been talking about them coming but flights have been too much and so they weren't coming. Well, apparently, Tynelle's dad and our dad had been working on a surprise. My mom didn't even know about it until they flew in on Friday. And my mom didn't even spoil the surprise for all of us siblings who didn't see them until yesterday. Wow, mom, I'm impressed!

What a great surprise!

I can't believe all the surprises we have had within the last few months.

I love surprises!

Especially ones like this!

Oh, and if you have a new iPhone or iPod you should totally try the FaceTime app. I downloaded it to my computer so I could talk to Bryan and my Daniel on their phones. It is so cool! I am amazed at the technology in our time. Do we even realize what a miraculous time we live in?!

We may not live in a time where Christ walks the earth and heals the lame and the blind but if you really look, you can see his hand in all things and know that there are even more miracles now... I think there are just so many, we tend to see them as commonplace.

Do we take the time to notice if Christ is knocking at our door?

Do we answer the door?

Take time today to notice the little miracles all around you, whether they happen to you or to someone you know... notice them, you'll be amazed! And then, you'll be grateful.

My miracle, today, is that my brother and his family was able to fly all across the country in less than a day to come and see family for a week!


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amyandrandy said...

that is awesome! way to go for dads to keep a secret too. have fun this week!