Friday, December 31, 2010

Events leading up to Christmas

After we sang to my grandma my mom treated the kids. We were quite proud that brother learned how to do his own bulk candy... oh, the things we are proud of when we are the parents of children with challenges...

We finally got around to putting up our Christmas Tree about two weeks before the holiday. Baby loves to "walk" around. She was helping pull out all the decorations.

I wasn't feeling well this day but, Brother was very excited to make his favorite pinwheel cookies. How could I say no. He was so excited.

Just love this picture.

And this... this is a white elephant gift we received at a party. If you look past Mr. GQ you will see his wife laughing in the background.

This is a "man" bag if I ever saw one. It was made of tighty-whities and a belt. Oh, the laughter that ensued when this creative gift was opened. We all laughed for a good half of an hour while Marc modeled his spiffy man bag. I seriously wish I had more pictures of this... He was having so much fun making everyone laugh!!

The cool thing was it was filled with fun food, like peanuts and ding-dongs...

This must be his I'm-out-with-my-man-bag-on-a-casual-stroll-with-my-iPod pose.

We had to do our gingerbread house tradition.

This year I was smart and used the glue gun to glue the graham crackers together so that my kids could just have fun with the frosting and candy... ingenious... I tell you... absolutely ingenious. It made for a lot less chaos, therefore, more fun :)

Baby got to watch and eat candy and graham crackers .

This next picture I have to preface with a story:

Me: Hun, I'm gonna go out and play in the snow! There's so much and Brother wants to play in it too. Will you come get some pictures of me playing with the kids? The neighbors want us to play in their yard so can you come get some good pictures, please?

Marc: Ya.

I go out skipping with my snow duds into an overnight pounding of 2 foot snow! Seriously, I hadn't seen snow like this since I was a kid. It was so exciting.

Below is the only picture he got out in the snow with me in it...
Yes, that's me.

Above the goat house.

To the right a bit.

Ya, the spec with a blue and gray coat on.

Thanks Marc.

Glad I could document this momentus occasion...

I just showed this post to Marc. He laughed pretty hard.

So did I.

3 remarks:

Rochelle said...

ha ha ha ha ha I LOVE it! Great picture Marc!! And great Man Bag!

Umma said...

Very funny!

Rosanne Orgill said...

Love it! That is so funny about the man bag, I gotta make one of those, too funny! Just so ya know I LOVE ready your blog! I don't always comment cause I don't have time but I love clicking on the buttons on the bottom of each post usually I click on funny button. I love how you write your feelings too. Keep it up! It is very uplifting to many I am sure:) Love you and your cute family! You are doing an amazing job! You are truly blessed!