Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kids with Snow, Kids with Cameras and Kids with Teeth

 My kids LOVE to play in the snow once they get used to the idea that it is winter (which is usually by the 3rd real snowfall and when I have their snow boots out).

Brother had learned from his lunch buddy at school how to roll the snow to make his own snowman. (So sweet! I just can't say enough about his sweet new friend from school.) So, while Sister and their cousins and a neighbor friend worked on their snowmen, Brother worked on his... it was going to be a masterpiece.

Sister and LittleB had so much fun dressing their snowGIRL up...

OK, so I helped them... they were still proud and I loved it!

I can't believe that J-man was able to get this snow ball on top. They even made it one higher after this one!

Later that evening, Brother finished his snow-woman and wanted me to come out and take a picture of it. The beads are because she is a princess... (smile)

That same night both Sister and Brother decided that since daddy has a new camera that that means mommy's camera is for them to use... hmmmm... wasn't too sure how I felt about that but they had a good time. Here are a few pics they took.

Sister took this cool one of Baby—bubbles still in the milk
It was so cute because Sister would look at Baby and say "smile! Smile at the camera. Look over here." Just like I do... it was so funny.

This pic is of me just after blowing my nose... hmmm... whatever floats her boat.
... and yes, I washed my hands...
I guess since I was the only adult in the room I became model for their photos. This next one is of me telling Brother that he has "taken enough pictures..." "OK (smile) stop now." "OK, really all done." (smile) (click)
There are actually about 15 of the next picture in various forms. He LOVES to color and he loves to show it off (don't mind the pink sippy cup in  the background with some kind of red goop on it...).

So here is the funny thing about the kid's teeth. Sister lost her first tooth on the same night that Brother lost (we think) his last. They were both so excited! It was funny because 18 came for dinner and she was the one who pulled out Brother's tooth (wish I had a picture of that) and I had the privilege of pulling out Sister's first tooth.

No pictures, sorry.

Anyway, we were very excited about being able to pull Sister's first tooth because when Brother lost his first teeth we never saw them... we think he just swallowed them. He had such low tone in his mouth that he probably didn't even realize it was there. So we were very excited that we actually got to put Sister's tooth in an envelope for the tooth fairy.

Two mornings later I see that Sister's gap in her bottom teeth looked bigger...

I looked closer...

She had lost a second tooth.

The one right next to the other one.

Where was it?


I guess she swallowed it...

at least we got the first one.

And last, but not least:
Baby has 3 teeth now. She has 2 on top and 1 on bottom. It is so funny because the gap in the top teeth looks wide enough that the bottom tooth could fit right between... Ha! I have yet to get a picture of her teeth because she really doesn't show them off much.

She loves to chew on peeled apples now.

She also likes cheese, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and whatever we are eating...

So much to catch up on—watch for (not in any specific order):
-a huge surprise!!!
-18 turns 19
-No Bridge!
-light date
-new camera
-swinging, massaging, rubbing, rolling, squeezing and coping

Must... catch.. up...

I figure if I tell you what's coming I will have to follow through.

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Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

I must say, what a gorgeous backdrop of mountains you have in your pictures....what's it like to just live there and see those mountains every day?