Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Wish I Owned a Harley

Don't we all?

Here we are as a family at the local Harley shop and tourist center.

We sat on Harley's.

Got warm by the fire place.

Checked out the clothes.

And then went and got some lunch in the restaurant there.

Then we sat on Harley's some more.

It was such a fun family outing!

Brother ran off because he didn't want to ride dad's Harley--He wanted his purple Harley. (smile)
 In this picture I laugh everytime because it looks like I have on a HUGE belt buckle—but it is just the mirror on the bike handles... Yee haw!!

3 remarks:

amyandrandy said...

cute pics! brother looks thrilled just sit on one. I wonder what it would be like to see him ride on one?! cute pics.

wendy said...

I love that brother went with the purple one and sister went with what complimented her outfit.hehehe

Suzy said...

Next time call us...we'll meet you there!