Monday, December 27, 2010

Please enjoy the music while you are waiting...

OK, so there's no music but, here are a few cute things my kids have been doing lately that I need to document before I forget. I will get to all my other updates soon. (I hope)

Baby has started walking along furniture!!

This is great! She is 14 months now and not too awfully far behind in development.

She can climb up our entire flight of stairs. We're still working on the down part.

She can wakl straight forward with a push-toy but cries when she hits a road block because she still hasn't figured out how to back up or turn around—but, hey we are counting our blessings here.

She is now cutting her fourth tooth and the three that are in all the way make me laugh every day. Is it OK to laugh at how our children look? Ya, it is. As long as they don't remember you laughing at them... tee hee! We are still trying to get pictures of her teeth...

Sister has been quite a challenge lately. But, I am focusing on the cute or the good for this post so... ummmm... just kidding, here it is.

Sister talks so well now when she is not hyper-aroused and to hear her play with her dolls and horses really gives me a tickle. So cute. Tonight at her grandma Lynne's house she had an old doll that was, at one time, her dad's and she had heard someone mention that fact. So later we were witnessing her taking the doll's hand and patting her head and then she would say, "Dad, stop doing that right now!" Apparently the clown doll that is over 40 years old looks remarkably like her father... ha ha ha ha!!! She has quite an imagination... we will leave it at that.

One night after going to sing Christmas Carols to great grandma Vivian (I will tell you more about this in the next few paragraphs) grandma Judy wanted to treat the kids to some candy for going to sing to great grandma Vivian and her friends. Sister was instantly Grandpa James' best friend when she realized how great he was at pushing the car-shaped shopping cart...

Brother has had a real connection, as of late, with his great grandma Vivian. It all started a week ago or so when we, as a family, went to sing Christmas Carols to her at the place she is living. The whole interaction brought tears to my eyes.

He started off sitting within range of her, but hiding his face. The entire time he has his arm dangling over the arm of the couch he was sitting in. Great grandma was in her wheel chair next to him. Slowly, both great grandma and Brother began to reach for eachother's hands.

Both Brother and Sister were very intrigued with great grandma but watching Brother with her was most intriguing to me.

It was so sweet. Watch them...

And I think that is when the "bond" happened.

On Christmas Eve we all went again as a family to sing to great grandma and her friends. This time, instead of being nervous about going, Brother was quite excited. He ran right in and was excited to join in the singing.

We were only there a short time.

When we got into the car Brother said, "Mom, great grandma needs to watch us open presents. She won't be there." (talking about our tradition of opening sibling gifts on Christmas Eve at my parent's house)

I was a little surprised by his comment and said, "Well, we could record it and then make a DVD for her."

He then said, in such sweet and worried intonation, "We should do Christmas morning too."

I told him that was a great idea and then he said, "Momma, I gave her a hug and told her 'Merry Christmas.' That's what I did momma."

All of us!

Grandpa James, Great Grandma Vivian, and Uncle Jeff

Many more posts to come—I have to finish blogging 2010 before it is over... that only gives me 5 days to get in weeks worth of posts!

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Yo said...

I'm right there with you sister. So behind in my blogging!!!

Aaron said...

So cute! I wish we could have been there. We'll plan on it next year:)