Thursday, December 2, 2010

The night before Thanksgiving and riding a bull

So this was the year to have all of my family to my house for Thanksgiving. I guess no one got the memo... so it was my parents and some of our friends.

Since I was going to have so many people over (I mean that sarcastically--there were seven coming to join us) I figured I should clean the house.

Now, I know that it is typical, with kids, to have a house that looks, like, well, you have kids. But with Sister living in my house it is quite an understatement to say my home looks like I have kids. She is like a whirlwind going from one room to the next making messes that cover the floors, the beds, the tables, the counter, the couches and the chairs. I am not exaggerating... she loves cards, paper, books, anything that can cover a large surface with enough expertise in spreading. Well, I have found out recently that she is no longer satisfied with only those things. She now likes to express herself artistically. Refer to this post for background on her art skills and the table.

Now, I told her not to draw on the table anymore. I haven't seen her do it for a while and thought that my message had sunk in.

Then, late, late the night before Thanksgiving I discovered that she was at least "hiding" her artwork.

I moved the table to mop and this is what I found.
That is blue pen carved into my linoleum — and, yes, she did get the table too. Drat!

And, crazy as it is I got NO pictures of Thanksgiving! Not my dutch oven turkey, not the amazing spread of food on my countertop.

But, I did get a small (sneaky) clip of us playing "Hilarium." One of the funniest games I have ever played.

Enjoy this clip of me trying to "ride a bull."
I think my brother is playing Star Wars. (He and his wife came later for dessert.)
And stop looking at my stomach... I forgot to suck in, alright! I was focusing on the acting... (smile)

Happy Belated Thanksgiving everyone!

I would write my whole list of thankfuls but, frankly, I just don't have time and I think that I express my thankfulness often on this blog...

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Mariah said...

Hilarium? Never heard of it... I'll have to look it up!