Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wind, Water, Fire and Marshmallows

We had some free passes to the Scera Water Park and we invited my brother, Aaron and his wife, Chelsea and their daughter Yaya to come with us.

It was the perfect day for swimming and the water was perfect. We had a ball.

Yaya was really happy once she got used to the idea of being in a REALLY big bath tub

Baby was having a lot of fun and really enjoyed walking in the water.


This is one of the last pictures of Sister with one missing front tooth because later that day Marc was able to pull the other loose tooth and now she is missing two front teeth. I have yet to get a picture of that, but, I must say, it is awfully cute...
After the water park it was off to my mom's for pocket bread and fun.

My brother, Aaron, his wife and baby are all going to Texas for a month for his work. So we wanted to have a farewell party for them. Aaron got to choose what Mom made for dinner and wanted to roast marshmallows too.

I have to say that those were some of the best marshmallows I've ever had. Aaron and Chelsea got them at Walmart and they were strawberry marshmallows with chocolate filling. They were even shaped like marshmallows.

Aaron and I were having a great time roasting them and testing the perfect roasting techniques. At one point Aaron thought he had perfection... until it fell into the coals.

Then, Kirsten gave it a shot and ... well... let's just say it was a little on the well-done side.

While we were laughing and talking around the fire that my dad had stoked up for us, Marc noticed some clouds or dust rolling in from the South. We were all kind of gandering at it wondering what it was and within 5 minutes the wind gusts hit. We hurried to get the hose hooked up so we could get the fire out before the wind spread  it to the house or yard. Jessie saved the day when she ran out a watering pot of water to pour on the fire while we were struggling to get the hose hooked up. (I say that with a little smirk.)

We got it out just before the micro-burst really hit. My mom had run to the grocery store to get us some ice cream and she got stuck in the dark at the store. She called to make sure we were all OK and got the fire out and everything.

When we got home we saw the damage that the micro-burst had done in our area. Our gate was hanging crooked and our Barbeque had been whipped about and broken. The power was out in our neighborhood and Sister was freaking out about having lights. We had warned her that there was a power outage and that it would be dark when we got home. It took me a while to realize that when she was saying, "I hate Power Rangers. I really hate Power Rangers," she was talking about the power outage.

Made me laugh.

Not her.

She cried some more.

But, we got through it and it only lasted about an hour after we had gotten home.

Now the kids have been having fun playing "Power Rangers" with the flashlights.

Tee hee!

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Kirsten said...

I wish we could've gone swimming! But I'm glad we made it to the get together later. Wow, love my cheesy grin...