Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beach Cruising in the Valley

So my mom, as I have mentioned before, is the Queen of yard sales and got Marc a nice beach cruiser for $5 and just last week she got me a really nice beach cruiser for only $20!!!

So, of course, Marc and I made the obvious choice for our Saturday morning date...

Yard sale-ing on our beach cruisers! One of my most favorite dates EVER!!

We were out and about for two hours (Thanks Grandma Lynne for babysitting). We went all over town, from the West to the East. We even picked up a bike trailer to take Sister and Baby in and it was only...

wait for it...


Ya, I love yard sales.

So on Monday night we tried the bike trailer out and went on a family bike ride. It worked perfectly and the girls had so much fun, rain and all. Brother was struggling a bit on his bike because it is getting too small for him. So we lowered the seat on Marc's beach cruiser and Brother fell in love.

It was so neat to see him riding this bike up and down the street with a HUGE smile on his face.

The best part was when I was reading to him at bedtime, he paused my reading and proclaimed, with pride, "Daddy gave me his bike!"

Later when I mentioned our conversation, Marc told me how Brother had approached him and asked, "Can I have your bike, Daddy?"

Marc replied, "Ya, you can have it."

Brother then threw his arms around his Dad and said, "I love you, Daddy!"

I guess Marc will be getting a new bike, but it is so worth it.

2 remarks:

Kari said...

SO worth it! How sweet! Love the new bikes! What a fun date!

Paola said...

I want to go yard sale-ing with your Mom! those bikes are awesome!