Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Warped Words

Sister says:

arial for oreo

callipillar for caterpillar

toof for tooth

strawberry oat cake for strawberry short cake

and when you see her say all these with her two front teeth missing it just adds to the cuteness.

Baby says:

"taintchu" for 'thank you' when you give her something

Oh and Brother wants everything he colors or draws to be a girl, so if an animal in his coloring book needs to be a girl he draws eyelashes on them.

Well, I am glad that because of Brother I will not have to teach Sister how to tell the boys apart from the girls—I asked her, "How do you know if [it's] a girl?"

Her reply was,

"It has eyelashes."

Now if that just doesn't make sense... thank goodness I got some better eyelashes so she wouldn't think I was Dad....

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