Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bragging Writes

I love to write down what I can brag about because that is what keeps me going every day.

I love the picture above because it shows how much Baby loves books. She knows how to hold it right side up and she puts her fingers on the words like she is reading them as she is babbling away with inflection and tone that says it all. (She's almost 22 months now!)

But, amongst all the brag there is still a little drag.

It's just hard.

All of it.

Having children with special needs is tough on marriages and relationships, it is tough emotionally, it is tough physically, and spiritually.

I try to sugar-coat it the best I can with all my bragging about what they are accomplishing. I know that the moms out there who have children with special needs know exactly what to fill in between the lines.

Sometimes I long for "normal."

But, what is "normal?" is what so many people ask me.

Maybe it is all normal, considering how many families live with children and adults who have special needs—maybe we are becoming the "norm."


I guess I am more normal than I think... (wink, wink)

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Anonymous said...

I think you're WAY more normal than you think. Plus I look up to you and the kind of person, mom, advocate you are!