Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I floored it!

My kids aren't very good eaters.

I try not to have them eat downstairs in the Family Room.

But, if they're not good eaters, and they will eat something if they can eat it downstairs, I sometimes give in.

I have been trying to be tougher lately because there have been a lot of spills lately.

So, when Sister wouldn't eat dinner but then asked for chips and salsa I was happy to oblige...

until she decided she wanted to eat her chips and salsa downstairs.

I was sticking to my guns... no salsa downstairs.


OK, so maybe there were three periods, like this...

After the crying and wailing and nashing of teeth I gave in, but I would not allow her to carry the salsa downstairs. She could carry the bag of chips.

I would carry the bowl of salsa.

I was even so smart as to put only a small amount in a large bowl so she couldn't spill as easily.

We got down there safely.

She sat down on the couch with her chips and then I thought that I should lay her blanket over her lap just for extra insurance that the salsa wouldn't end up on the floor or couch.

So I picked up the blanket and laid it out on her lap...

Did I mention that I still had the bowl of salsa in my hand...


I poured it all over the floor while I was laying my insurance over her lap.

Good thing I made sure that I was holding the salsa.

Now, it's funny.


Then, not so funny.

Now, funny.

Then, not funny.

Got it?

Yep, that's what I'm tellin' ya, this is why I blog... so I can laugh about it later.

P.S. Salsa doesn't not clean up easily out of tan carpet. Just sayin'.