Monday, August 22, 2011

School Days and Making the Cut

I was so excited to have the kids start school today.

For many reasons:
Alone time
Time to design without wrangling kids in between
One on one time with Baby

Teachers that help make my life easier by teaching my children SOOOO much that I could never have enough patience to teach
and of course...

Sister and Brother were so excited to get ready for school and get on the bus.

I was so busy getting them ready and make sure they had all meds, backpacks, notes, breakfast eaten, teeth brushed, faces washed, etc. that I forgot to take a picture of them...

But, being the wonderful mom that I am (most of the time) I did get a picture of Sister's back to school haircut.

I didn't do it.

She did.

At grandma Judy's.

I blame grandma. (wink)

They were her scissors.

In her bathroom drawer.

Thank goodness J-man interrupted Sister when he heard the "snip, snip" of the scissors.

He walked in to see what she was doing and saw her hair laying on the counter and Sister looked at him and said, "Cutting hair. Goodby." and ran out of the bathroom.

I am so glad he walked in on her or I have a feeling it would have been a lot worse.

I thought I had made it through without the famous self-haircut all little sweet girls seem to do...

I wonder if she got the idea because I trimmed her hair for school a few days before and she watched me give Baby her first trim... I had to take a picture of the tiny wisps of hair that I trimmed to even her up a bit... so cute. Her "first trim" curls are in a baggy, labeled.

So are Sister's chunks of hair. They are in a baggy, labeled.

Labeled: First self-haircut

Oh well, so her pigtails will be lop-sided. I refuse to cut it. I will just have to hide it.


We'll see how successful I am.

Wish me luck!

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Mariah said...

Oh dear... can you imagine the fun Tylee and Sister could have together?

It's a rite of passage I think but I loved her exit. :)