Monday, August 1, 2011

OT from the QP

Occupational Therapy from the Qualified Person...

That's what we get twice a month from Mary. She's awesome.

Baby did so well today.

She was talking up a storm today (really need to get her recorded) and really got her Occupational Therapist giggling.

She also brought the toy lender lady, Holly, with her and that was fun too.

I feel a little bit of a connection with these ladies because I used to work at Kids Who Count for a time, and both Brother and Sister have been part of their program.

It's sad though because when Brother and Sister were in the this early intervention program they were able to start at 18 months (well, Brother at 13 months because he was so delayed) and Baby won't even be able to go until she is 2 years old... Budget cuts or something... I guess.

Anyway, I am glad for the help we do receive. I know that Baby is doing so well because we got help for her so early.

That's the blessing of an early diagnosis.

I can't believe how much she has grown since this picture... I think she is about 5 months here and she had already been receiving help from Kids Who Count for 3 months at this point.

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Mariah said...

Wow -- her hair really sprouted! She was fun to watch today. From her interactions with you and others to the way she would step so cautiously as she neared the stairs. I especially enjoyed her chipmunk cheeks you've blogged about before. :)