Thursday, August 4, 2011

I finally went fake!


Eyelash extensions are the snazziest thing ever!

I took a few pictures to show you how cool they look!

I had to post all of them because they made me laugh.
This is the first try... I thought, nope they can't see them as well, I'm too far away

So then I got closer... hmm... maybe too close

Then I thought I would give you the side view and see if that would help you get the idea of how long these puppies are... I don't even know how my shoulder and my neck and can morph to the point of looking like they are separated... aaaahhh, I've been beheaded...

So then I tried the cute side pose... it says oh, look how doe-eyed I am

This one I am starting to look like Jay Leno... and I don't think that is a compliment.
And these next two I can hardly even type I am laughing so hard... this is why I just had to put all of these on the post because... well... I mean really... Apparently I will never be the spokes model for winking... ha ha ha ha laugh along with me here, people, these are just plain funny

Seriously, Rachael, don't quit your day job!

So this one I thought I would try a sexy model look... I think my nostril is a little distracting...

This was my last try in vain but, at least you get a good look at my fakies.

4 remarks:

Karen Mortensen said...

You look marvelous darling. Those modeling contracts should start pouring in soon.

Staci said...

SWEET!! I tried them out and loved the way they looked but I couldn't stop picking at them.

Kari said...

They look awesome!!!!

Kirsten said...

Mostly I just like that you said the word "snazziest." Totally made my day. Oh and the fact that you have purple sparkly eyelashes is pretty cool, too;)