Thursday, August 25, 2011

In the long shadows of the morning

 My kids waiting for the bus.

Thank goodness their backpacks have wheels to they can keep up with these two kids. I think the love of backpacks with wheels start last year on our trip to Florida when they would fight over the suitcase with a handle and wheels...  a true love was born.

They love to run them around the drive-way, up and down the sidewalk and across the grass while they wait.

I could hardly get them to stand still for a cute "back to school" picture

Oh, those smiles... cha ching!

They certainly love their bus. They are so proud of it and really enjoy the bus driver and bus technician.

It wasn't until recently that I found out that the special ed bus drivers and helpers aren't told anything about the kids they bus around.

Part of that privacy thing.

I made sure to give them a flyer about Fragile X Syndrome this time so that can learn about my children. I am hoping to have time one morning to kind of brief them a bit, specifically, about my kids and how FXS affects them.

I think that anyone who is involved with my children in a positive way have the right to understand them... I don't like keeping people in the dark, testing them to see if they will treat my child normal. I don't think that helps either party, but there is also the flip side that one they know my children's struggles they tend to treat them like toddlers.

Anyway, it is was it is and I hope I can make it all work for the benefit of my kids best interests and needs.

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