Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Something Good

My husband listens to a local high school broadcasted radio station and he comes home and tells me about some of these new songs he hears.

Well, a couple of days ago he came home talking about one that he just loved but he couldn't understand at all what he was saying, had no idea what the song was called or who it was by. (The high school kids are out for the summer so there is no DJ to tell what songs have played.)

He heard it again on the radio and recorded it on his iPod and then played it to his friends phone because he has one of those apps that can tell you what song is playing.

Well, this is the song. Something Good Can Work by Two Door Cinema Club.

This is the first video we saw just because we wanted to know the lyrics. He sings them so fast! Marc and I are still trying to keep up. It's like a really bad Karaoke night while we both stand in front of the computer and try to sing the lyrics... quite hilarious on both parts.

I have listened to this song a hundred times today just because it makes me hoppy... no misspelling there, "hoppy," it's a cross between happy and peppy. I just love the music, it's so fun.

Here's the music video in case you want to see what Two Door Cinema Club looks like:

So, this song is something good for today. (smile)

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