Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Strawberries from Mars!" and Laughing

That's what this lady exclaimed to me at Costco when she saw the huge strawberries they were selling!

And seriously, they are so huge! I had to buy some just because I knew it would brighten Brother's whole day! And it did! I had to take pictures.

That is an orange in with the strawberries to show you how big they are.

What led to these Strawberries?

Oh, it was a Sister's Day. It was actually just my sister sisters. Tynelle is in Florida and Chelsea is working so it was just the three of us with my two daughters and Jessie's daughter, LittleB.

Six Girls get in a suburban and drive 45 minutes to go to the best thrift store in our county. (smile) We are funny. We don't like the closest one because it is overpriced and overpicked. Anyway!

Sidenote to the story: On the way there Sister spilled her water all over, quite a bit and I didn't have anything that would soak up all the water that was spilled. I was trying to think of something that would soak up well, and I remembered there was feminine napkin (tee hee) in my diaper bag. Voila!!! It soaked the water right up!! Because my sister was so embarrased that I asked her to use it to wipe the water up, I won't tell you which sister it was! Ha!!!!!

We were so excited to get together and go shopping. We pull up to the store and it is windy and cold. We bundle up the kids and ourselves and go running to the doors only to find out they are still not opened! We giggle at ourselves and how silly we must have looked and then ran back to the car to wait 15 more minutes for the doors to open.

Apparently some people were extremely anxious to get in. They actually formed a line outside the doors. We got quite the kick out of it so we had to take a picture.

Kirsten first tried taking one through the window. As you can see that was ineffective as my children basically all but lick the windows....

So I got brave and opened the door a crack, raised my arm out and clicked a picture hoping no one would notice. I mean, I didn't want them to feel bad that I was laughing at them. I kep thinking of that old commercial for Mervyn's. "Open. Open."

We had a blast once we got inside! The kids were even pretty good!

Then we were off to Costco. Us small towners get excited to head to the big city for a shopping deals! Tee hee!

Oh, on way home I had to stop in a parking lot to feed Baby. I was putting her back in the car seat and Kirsten was laughing at my hair blowing up above the car door. Apparently it wasn't going as well when she took the picture, but, Kirsten, I will post this for your enjoyment!

Anyway. We had a great time together.

Tynelle and Chelsea: wish you could have been with us. (This is Baby saying "hello")

That night after I had finished folding clothes. I was playing with Baby and she started to laugh. This was only the 4th time I have heard her laugh, so I was calling to Marc to get the camera. He got it! Here it is for you to share. What's more therapeutic than a baby's laugh! She is five months old now and I can't believe how big she is! It is weird to think how small she started out to be. Anyway, enjoy the little clip.

4 remarks:

Rochelle said...

So cute to see her laughing, mine are just starting to laugh too! And fun sisters day, we need to do that!!!

Rochelle said...

Oh and that could just be a really small orange.... Hmmm :)

Aaron said...

Save a strawberry for me!

Julie said...

Love the baby giggles! There is no sweeter sound!

By the way, my kids actually do lick the car windows!