Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rock N Park

When I was a kid, my dad loved to take us to rock shows. Ya, you read it right, rock shows.

Not like, rock band rock shows. Rocks. Like ignacious, sedementary, medamorphic. (I learned all those big words from Brother. He LOVES his science class. I know, he is so smart!) There are also gemstones, semi-prescious stones, rock beads, geodes, fossils, arrowheads—you name it—if it's a rock, it's there!

Well, last year they had it in a nearby town and I took the kids by myself. I didn't get any pictures last time, so this time I made sure to bring my camera.

Marc came with us this time and we met my dad and sister's family there. Marc's parents even ended up being there.

It was really crowded and hard to maneuver my limosine of a stroller, but the kids LOVED it. Brother even talked his Uncle Joel and Aunt Jessie into buying him a little rose quartz rock. So cute, it was 50¢ so it wasn't expensive but, to him it was priceless. Brother even got to play for a prize on the wheel of prizes and had the choice between a "dinosaur rock" and a beautiful shell necklace. He chose the dinosaur rock. (It was a piece of dinosaur bone with a plastic dinosaur glued to the top.) Tee hee! Oh, Brother!

My dad was really having a great time with his grandkids. He gets so excited when they have an interest in these kinds of things.
Here's Grandpa James with Baby and Brother
Below he has Baby in the Dinosaur's mouth... too funny
And a happy Sister—ya she had one of those days...

 Sister loves to go through the flat rocks in the water. Here are the blue ones she found.
Above that is our caravan.

 We went to a park down the street at the city library and had a picnic afterward and let the kids play. It was a little breezy, so a bit chilly at times, but so beautiful and sunny.
Sister and Brother were having a blast.
So were Marc and their cousins. It really was a great park to play in!

Grandpa is telling Brother how this was done in his day... (smile)

Jman show us his pearlies!

Classic Brother faces

LittleB with some grape juice on her face!

Marc got caught up in the fun

Oh, the faces on the girls are just to funny! "We are buddies!"

This is Brother's "Umm, excuse me" face

We had so much fun that day.

The fun didn't even stop there. We got together with friends and we up till 2am just laughing our heads off talking about everyday stuff that is just funny! Oh, what a fun day!

2 remarks:

Rosanne Orgill said...

so cute! Hey how come we didn't get to go with you to the rock show? jk next time we will call you to go with us:)

Kirsten Amelia said...

ha ha man when did all this happen? I live here and still don't know! I gotta get the internet!