Saturday, March 27, 2010

She's going to her Senior Prom

And I didn't even know until today.

Which is the day she is going.

I don't know what her dress looks like.

She didn't ask me to do her hair.

I used to help her pick out the dress. Get excited with her and help her decide what accessories to wear.

I did her hair for every dance. Even the informal ones.

Sometimes we argued about how beautiful she looked. She said she didn't. I said she did.

I used to wait up till she got home so that I could hear all about her date.

Now I don't even know when she goes on one.

Was it all a dream?

Did they really live with me for so many years?

Maybe, but it seems we are forgotten.

I miss her.

I miss him.

My kids...


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Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Oh Rachael I am so sorry you are feeing sad. I am here for you on the computer. Come to my sites any time. I have 3. tkdmoments,mrsmotensesclass, fullymutated. These are all on blogspot.
Hang in there and remember this is all but a small moment.
Love, Karen

Davey said...

Oh it happened. and you made an impact on their lives that they will never forget i'm sure.

Rochelle said...


amyandrandy said...

not sure what to say. i just want to let you know that we are thinking of you and the fam. sad. i am sad for you. i just keep thinking that some day she will appreciate it and show it, like she used it. right?

Rosanne Orgill said...

That leaves an empty spot in your heart for sure. She is a teenager and will appreciate what you and Mark did for her when she has kids of her own. Right now she is caught up in her teen world but she will be back, be patient, she will remember you. God is going through this too, He loves you for what you did and are still doing for her. Be patient and don't be too sad.

Kirsten Amelia said...

I miss her too. She used to be like my little sister and one of my best friends. Now I don't know who she is, what she is doing, or where she is going in her life.