Friday, March 19, 2010

Knock, Knock

So, I get home from Brother's Parent Teacher. Baby is now happy in her swing and Brother and Sister are happy coloring at the table. I decide to go out to gather eggs and bring the goat back into her pen. As I am out in the chicken pen I hear Brother calling my name and telling me to hurry.

"OK!" I yell to him. I see he is holding something and try to hurry closer as Sister is yelling, "Mommy, hurry, come here!"

Brother shows me a bloody tooth and is proclaiming how excited he is about the tooth he just pulled out. I am laughing inside at him because he has blood all over the left cheek from pulling out his tooth and blood is pooling at the bottom of his mouth, he just doesn't realize it. I tell him how cool it is as I am coming in the house through the back door. I help him start washing up and I still have 4 eggs in my hand, and I hear Sister telling me to hurry and come.

I follow Sister's voice to the front door and come around the opening between the kitchen and front room and I see a strange 20-somethin' man leaning on the wall in front of my wide open door with Sister smiling her proud smile.

My heart sinks.

I want to deck the guy for ignoring my "Aboslutely NO  Soliciting" in bright yellow and orange pasted to the right of the door. Then I want to turn to my kids to make sure they are all here, that everyone is all right, that nothing has been damaged or taken from my house. But, instead, in my stupor, I allow him to ask me if I would like my lawn arrated....

I'm thinking "Arrated (however you spell that), I'll give you and arrated head if you don't start running away from my doorway!"

But, instead I say "no thank you" and close the door.

I wanted to cry.

It scared me to think that something could have happened in the moments I was out doing chores.

It's times like these that I am reminded of my children's challenges. They have been told many times not to open the door for people, but, the just don't understand why.

My kids have opened the door many times before but, luckily it has always been friends or family. But this time I was all the way in the back yard, completely oblivious to the fact that my kids had opened the house to a complete stranger. In this day and age, I am blessed that he was not some freakazoid!!!

Funny part of this story though, after I lectured, taught, and re-iterated the importance of NEVER opening the door without mommy right next to you...

Brother informed me that he showed his tooth to the man at the door.

Tee hee!

I asked Brother if he pulled it out in front of the guy and he said that the guy at the door told him to go show his mommy.

I wonder what the guy thought of that?

4 remarks:

amyandrandy said...

oh that is funny!

amyandrandy said...

my previous comment was meant for your previous post which by the way gave me a good laugh...i bet she was embarrassed. although good thing it was you who could give a good laugh at her right?

now to comment on this post. i too worry about my kids opening the door for some random person...i think most parents do. but funny thing that brother showed him his tooth! hilarious!

The Chizel Family said...

I thought about you guys all day yesterday, miss you guys.
No matter how many times I tell me kids not to open the door they still do too. I want to put a lock at the top of my door so they can't

Rochelle said...

My kids do too...