Sunday, March 7, 2010

A "poopy" 14th Anniversary Celebration (it was a blast)

Our 14th anniversary is this week! Wow! Fourteen years!

Marc is on call the week of our anniversary, so we decided to celebrate it this past weekend. It ended up being quite and interesting day.

Late Thursday night we had put our horse, Mister Twister on KSL to sell. We thought that we would sell him in a few weeks or so. Boy, were we wrong. Apparently a horse at $400 is what everyone was looking for! Whoa! I hardly got anything done Friday because of all the calls and emails coming in for our horse! It was insane. I soon realized we probably didn't ask enough for him, but, well, what do you do. We bought him for $350 last September and were just hoping to at least get our money back...

The first buyer came to look at him about about 11am. She was impressed with his looks and demeanor. Then I had Marc come out to catch him. We could tell he was a bit sour from not being worked the last 3 months, but because he has been such a GREAT horse, Marc didn't hesitate to get on when she asked him to get on Twister bareback...

I posted a new ad on KSL, this is what it said:

Price drop, $350.

Well, today we had someone come to look at our horse and I am afraid that today he is not the same horse he was. I don't want to advertise falsely so I am just letting  you know now. The description below is what he has been for us when we were riding him. My husband got on him today and he proved to us that horses needed to be ridden through the winter to keep up their disposition. I am sure after a little work he would be back to what he was. Sorry, for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone. I appreciate all the calls, and there were many, I hope I have been able to return all the calls to inform you of the change. We are only asking what we paid for. He is 14 hands.

ORIGINAL POST: AMAZING disposition!!!! Our 13 year-old son was helping to train him. Our 10 year-old has been on him while dad ponied him behind. He is a VERY calm and even tempered horse.  Would make a GREAT 4-H horse!!! Easy going with the other horses -- doesn't mind being at the bottom of the pecking order. Good horse. Trims, trailers, brushes, saddles, bridles well. Still needs fine tuning, but he will do well.

So, I thought for sure after that (he was thrown off), no one would want him. Again, I was wrong. The calls kept flooding in. Some just to call and say how refreshing it was to see honesty on the classifieds. Nice.

Anyway, we had a for sure buyer by 2pm that afternoon—she was coming to pick him up at 7pm. So we had to hurry to get our kids taken care of so we could start our anniversary celebration.

Brother had a doctor appointment at 4:30. We all, as a family, went to the appointment... crazy. Don't know what I was thinking, oh ya, tryingto save time and gas. During his appointment I am informed that he is startingto fall off the curve and I need to feed him more. If any of you know Brother, you know he eats a lot when he wants to. Anyway, I have been advised to feed him his favorites all day, every day: steak, chicken, chile, hamburgers, spaghetti, pizza and cookies and cream icecream! as much as possible. Wow!

After the doctor we took Sister and Brother to my mom's. They were so excited because it was a sleepover. Marc and I were once again using our house as the free hotel! (smile again)

We left my mom's at 6pm and were contimplating whether we should grab a bit to eat quick before the buyer came at 7pm. I had a feeling to call and they were already in Santaquin. We hurried home. Sold the horse. I shed some silent tears to see him go and we all left the house.

Marc had been wanting to take me to Quizno's and so that is where we went. It was really good! I loved it. The sandwich I got was a little spicy but, I still ate it because it was so good!

Now, mind you during all of this, Baby still has RSV. It is getting better but, she is still really sick and has a horrendous cough. The antibiotic she is on gives her diarrhea—OK so there is the background to this part of the story—As I am finishing my fantastic Cranberry/Pink Grapefruit fountain drink and chit-chatting with my husband in the almost empty (therefore echoey) restaurant, Baby begins to rumble.... loudly. We both giggle. I am a little embarrassed knowing that the one other couple in there most likely heard it. Oh, well. Off to the restroom I go to find a place to change her. As I am gathering up the diaper bag and such, I realize this is a HUGE blowout!

I get in the bathroom and there is no changing table. There is a small portable cupboard underneath the hand towel dispenser and I realize that if I can finagle it, there is just enough room for me to change her there. I roll out the paper towels to lay on the top and begin to peel off the pooped-on clothing. As I am trying to get her outfit off with the least amount of poop streaking up her back and hoping it doesn't get on her head—she begins to cough violently! I can tell she is going to gag and throw up. I quickly pull the poopy outfit over her head with minimal poop to the hair and flip her forward to the sink so her puke can land there. It doesn't all make it to the sink, some on the floor, some on my boots and oh, poop on my jeans because it isn't off her yet. She is screaming now as I try to clean her up with the wipees (and why is it that when you are one-handed, in a hurry and in a dirty environment you can get the wipees out of the travel container without violently whipping it all around trying to get the darn wipe to separate from the other one, so eventually you end up with 8 wipes, you don't care and just use them all anyway). Then I get her dressed in the emergency outfit I have in the bag, which is never the cute one because you don't want to stow away the cute outfit in the bag and forget about it. I clean myself off, wipe the puke off the floor. Wash my hands furiously and then hers too. Then we go out to meet a contentedly sitting Marc wondering what took so long.

We went and rented a movie, came home, ate junk, watched the movie, listened to music and, again, danced the night away! We had so much fun!!! Really it was a very fun celebration--memorable too!

The next morning I went to my mom's to pick up the kids and hung out there for a bit. My mom had decided to have 3 more of her grandchildren, J-man, T-man and B-girl over for a sleepover too. My mom and Kirsten had me rolling telling me about Brother and Sister's antics while they were there! Too funny! My mom is a trooper! My sister and her hubby were there too. I copied some of her post about the experience because 1) she could give first account 2) she had pictures 3) it saved me some time:

Big Sleepover at Grandma Judy's

Mom did it! Jeremy and I slept over last night like we often do:) and the grandkids did, too. It was quite the adventure. Brother is just like flash. We would be playing a game and wham! there go the pieces. Mom would make them soup, and flash! he would have a full bowl trying not to burn himself. Then she made carmel apples and he was trying to wash off the carmel so he could get to the apple! He is so cute. Oh, and he always likes to try and pick me up, and he's usually successful... Sister got up at 12:30 a.m. and then at 5:30 a.m., but didn't go back to sleep. Needless to say, by the morning mom looked like this...

Love my mom here!!!!!!!!!

Ha ha ha.

And a part of the house looked like this:

B-girl wanted to lie down to watch cartoons but didn't want to share with Sister. Jessie said she is stubborn. Ha. I don't know how long she cried, but I finally just picked up Sister and told her I was the tickle monster and everything worked out from there.

Oh, and Jeremy sat down on the piano bench but couldn't get up cuz he was stuck. Part of his jeans stuck to the bench because the kids brought breakfast syrup in the living room:)

J-man the night before read Dr. Seuss books to all of the kids as bed time stories

Man, that was funny to hear!
And some random stuff:
We think our goat, Squirt, has a broken leg. Gotta get her into the vet tomorrow.

Sister loves to give Baby hugs, loves and kisses. Hugs are Sister placing the side of her face on the top of Baby's head. Loves are Sister placing her forehead on the top of Babys head. Kisses are a little kiss on the top of Baby's head.

Brother doesn't miss Twister because he just thinks we are getting a new horse now. We just keep telling him to keep dreaming and pretending. He now keeps telling me that "Starlight" will be our new horse. He asked me today if Starlight could be his horse. Aw. Sometimes I feel sorry for him that he doesn't understand things very well when it not a concrete thing.

Home from church today for a bit intill Marc switches Baby duty with me. At least I will get to go to Relief Society!!

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The Chizel Family said...

oh man, what a cute story! love the picture of your mom! I think her look depicts what we all feel somedays :)

Lisa said...

Hey, I just watched you on the news. That is so great you are getting the word out about fragile x. You looked good on camera too! I remember the poopy adventures from when mine were little! Good times! But after reading your story, now when I go into a restuarant bathroom I will be thinking... well, you know...ew!

Julie said...

I can so relate to the baby messes! Just a few days ago, Bryan had a major blowout that filled the entire inside of his pajamas! In cleaning him off, his hands and legs managed to spread the poop all over my bedspread! Later that night, he projectile vomited a whole bottle right down my shirt, and I mean down the cleavage inside my shirt! I had a pool of puke inside my shirt! Oh, the joys of motherhood!

Anonymous said...

That was entertaining :) And it brought back memories of when LT was a baby and Brandon and I had the bright idea of taking our kids along on our anniversary night out. We went to Tepenyaki (you know where they cook the food in front of you) and when the huge flame/fire went up on the grill, Whitney started crying so Brandon had to take her away and she wouldn't let him bring her back to the table. Then while I'm enjoying my food alone with Lincoln, he has a blow-out on my lap. We pretty much went home and said- what were we thinking?
p.s. I have to say that I'm so glad the story didn't entail Marc getting injured after the horse incident because I half expected that would be your story and so I was so relieved that apparently he didn't get hurt much!

Ethington Family said...

Glad you had a fun time even though it was hectic, and messy. I love your mom and she is so fun and such a trooper. Tell her hi from me. Good job on the sale of your horse.

Aaron said...

Hahaha! That made me laugh

Rochelle said...

ya when people dont have a changing table, I feel like chhanging the baby on the front counter... Ya that;ll show them:) You've been married twice as long as me!!!