Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Food,+ Eggs+ Candy+ Chicks+ Colors= Easter Party

OK, so there are a lot of pictures but, that is how I am going to tell you about it:

It all starts with the food... I made a dutch oven turkey that turned out great but, I didn't get a picture of it.

Just talkin'

Then Jessie brought out the crafts.We made cute chicks with the kids.

When they were done I said, "OK, now everyone hold up their chick."
My dad wanted to hold up his "chick" but she wouldn't cooperate...

Then it was time for the easter egg hunt... and yes, I know that Brother has cheesey stuff on his face.

Kirsten was really getting into it!! She means business. In the next clip you'll see her and Jeremy are both gonna get some serious eggage! Look way in the back, behind my momand dad—who also love hunting eggs!

Sister could not give up any time for pictures, this was serious egg hunting time..

Brother's stash

Sister is still looking

Marc gets caught with a caramel egg... and still looks handsomely rugged! Or is that ruggedly handsome... (smile)

Jeremy telling us something interesting.



I put the boxed candy in the eggs quite nicely. Thanks, Joel, for modeling with your "pretty" hands!

Aaron and Chelsea didn't join us until they got back from the Festival of Colors at the Hari Chrishna Temple--they were colorful alright!

Aaron was excited he found an egg

So was Chelsea.  I caught this on camera before her egg fell to the ground--look closely at the egg

Thanks, Jessie and Joel for hosting the annual family Easter Party every year!!

4 remarks:

Mariah said...

I thought of you when I saw a clip on a morning show about how to do an adult easter egg hunt. They did it at night, with flashlights, prizes for finding all of your color of egg first, and confetti eggs which you use to "egg" someone and steal their booty. I think we ought to have a neighborhood adult hunt. :)

Joel and Jessie said...

That was fun, thanks for coming. I like all of the pictures!

MVP Family said...

I told Jessie you guys have way to much fun..and I might just have to steal the craft!

amyandrandy said...

you family does such fun things together. i with Ashly we may need to steal that craft, way cute!