Friday, March 5, 2010

Money Jar

So we are selling our horse, Twister. 

We were telling Brother about it; he quickly mourned his loss and once he was done with that, he wanted to get on KSL Classifieds to look for our new horse...

I told him that we don't have money for a new horse and he said,

"Oh yes we do. Our money jar is full. We could buy two new horses! I want to name the buck skin Starlight!"

Hmmm... apparently our next horse is a buck skin... and it will cost us $5 :)

Oh how I LOVE my kids!!

2 remarks:

Ethington Family said...

what a cute jar, and a neat thing. I'm happy that you will be able to get a new horse. Our horse will be having a mule soon. Take care and enjoy.

Daniel said...

thats so funny. love you guys