Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cornbread and Chocolate Chip Cookies

It was a "C" day today for cooking.

When Brother got home he asked if we could make cornbread and since Baby was content, I obliged. When we were halfway done with the batter his cousin, Jman showed up so we had him join in. At that point that is when I started taking pictures.

Now before I start posting pictures, I just have to express one thing from the cockles of my heart. (Ha, cockles, gotta love that term, eh.) Here goes:

I know that many a ten year old can cook with little help, read the recipe independently, and even whip up a batch of cookies or make ramen soup on their own. But, let me put in perspective the reason I am proud of my 10 year old son.

He didn't talk more than a handful of words until he was almost 5—even then only I could understand him most of the time. He couldn't run very efficiently until he was 7 (although I know he made it around pretty quickly before that!!) He didn't know how to play with friends. He didn't start reading until he was in first grade and at that he was not at a first grade level. He didn't do math until first or second grade.

As a mother it is hard to witness these things as you continue to hope for improvement.

This is what I have learned with time, trial, and patience.

I am grateful for what he can do, and how much he has improved.

He LOVES to run and looks forward to the Hershey Track Meet each year so that he can run on the track. I have conversations with him now, two-way conversations! He is doing double digit multiplication! He is learning how to count money. How to tell time. He has friends! He is learning fractions! He is reading beyond what I thought he would!

To me, these simple cooking lessons are miraculous. My heart bursts with joy as I watch him do this. So I hope that you too, as a reader, can get the grasp of what he has accomplished here in cooking with little help from me. So as you see each picture know that it was taken by me, in complete and utter humility that my Heavenly Father has allowed me to be a part of Brother accomplishing the things that he does!

OK, now for the rest of my post:
Jman getting his hands washed and ready for cooking!

Sister having a fall-apart because she didn't get to crack the eggs... at least I think that is why she is crying... with her it is always unpredictable.

Jman mixing

This snap is just funny, Brother looks like he is singing into the spoon and Jman is looking confused as to why he would be doing that...

Brother mixing

Brother got a hold of the camera and this is what he ended up with.... hmm

We baked it in a cast iron skillet so he needed help because it was heavy—we work well as a team

This is why we were able to make cornbread together. (smile)

All done!

We had home made chicken noodle soup and cornbread for dinner.

After dinner Brother came up to me and said, "I guess we can't cook again because we already did. So we can't make something else."

That is his way of asking if he can make something else.

I asked him if he would like to make the family home evening treat and he got really excited! So he decided to make chocolate chip cookies. I didn't get and end picture, but, trust me, they looked good!

more ingredients and.... mix

He kept trying to plug his ears while he was using the mixer, the sound was a bit too loud for him. He did it though, and was very excited to put in the chocolate chips.

He made these cookies for his daddy and was adamant that he have one when they were done. Daddy was very happy to oblige!

3 remarks:

Candace said...

It's because you and Marc are great parents, and have taken a billion hours to learn about Fragile X, and how you can help your kids have the best life. I think you guys were both given a special talent!

Way to go Brother! You are going to be quite the Chef!

Mariah said...

As a parent, I love those moments when I can stop the day-to-day to realize that I'm witnessing something that is truly miraculous. You really do that well.

Rosanne Orgill said...

that is sooooooooooooooo cute! Keep up the great work!